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LED Driver Maxi Jolly HV DALI 50W TCI

High Voltage TCI LED Driver
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Product no.: T-122409
Weight: 0.200 kg
Manufacturer: TCI
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Products description

Maxi Jolly HV DALI - high voltage DALI LED driver

High quality TCI LED driver with 50 watt, constant current and high voltage output (up to a maximum of 119 Volt).
Due to the high voltage, 30 LEDs can be operated in series with this converter.
The connected lighting can be dimmed via DALI interface, with 1-10V signal or push-button function.

Further highlights of the TCI 122409:
  • Multi-current-converter - universally applicable. Ext. Temperature sensor optional.
  • Lighting control via DALI, 1-10 Volt interface or push button.
  • Selection of constant currents with Dip-Switch
  • 12V AUX output
  • Surge protection up to 3.5-4kV

Technical data DC Maxi Jolly HV DALI:

Maxi Jolly HV DALI, 1...10V and Push button dimmingDALI high voltage constant current driver

Dip-SWPower outVoltage outCurrent out# LED
Position 130 W112 V max250mA const.max 30
Position 234 W112 V max300mA constmax 30
Position 340 W112 V max350mA constmax 30
Position 447 W112 V max400mA constmax 28
Position 550 W110 V max450mA constmax 27
Position 650 W100 V max500mA constmax 25
Position 750 W91 V max550mA constmax 22
Position 850 W83 V max600mA constmax 20
Position 950 W83 V max650mA constmax 20
Position 1050 W70 V max700mA constmax 18

Efficiency depending of the power: 20W - 50W : >89%

TCI LED Driver MaxiJolly HV DALI

  • All TCI Jolly converter can be connected to each other via sync-cable. Thus, the control over only one button is possible.
  • Maximum 10 drivers synchronization, is possible command only one driver (1 Master + 9 Slaves).
  • Button and installation materials are not included in delivery.

For detailed description of this DALI LED driver please refer to the data sheet.

On request, this LED driver DALI is also available as a built-in version (ideal for device installation) with a modified design (see data sheet).
TCI article number 122409BI.

Product Features

Constant CurrentConstant Current drivers. Values adjustable via Dip-switches or with poti adjustable. For Details like max. voltage please check datasheet.:350mA -1A, 250mA, 300mA, 350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 500mA, 550mA, 600mA, 650mA, 700mA
Power max.Maximum power depending of individuel operation mode and configuration:50WMaximum power, depending of configuration and operation mode. For details please check the datasheet.
DimmableAvailability to control illumination:1..10VControl input for external voltage from 1-10V or passiv via potentiometer or specific 1-10V device., DALIDALI - specific lightinginterface. Needs further components like DALI-Controller. Each drivers has its own adress and via BUS-control it provides continously opportunity to dim and switch the light., Push-ButtonEasy dimmable function. Just push the button short time to dim or switch. Further application please check the datasheets.

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LED Driver Maxi Jolly HV DALI 50W TCI


122409 Maxi Jolly HV DALI 50WDownload225.58 KB
Data sheet

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TCI 122417/4

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