LED Spot MR16 (GU10)

LED Spot MR16 (GU10)

High Voltage LED Spotlight GU10 (230V) Type MR16

Next to the well-known light bulbs, these are the biggest “power eaters”. The efficiency factor (light output is (was) only imperceptibly better as the light bulb. Thereby the MR16 type is still often used as a halogen spotlight and could be replaced without any compromises by a LED. The energy saving would be 85%.

For further details to GU10 LED spotlights, please scroll down.

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LED Downlight MR16 10W Sunset Dimming
LED Downlight MR16 10W
change color temperature during the dimming process (2900K-2000K). Type MR16 with external LED driver.
39,54 EURnet: 33,23 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LEDON LED Spot GU10 4W (Set of 5)


Efficient with 4W and 230 lumen. The small all-rounder.


from 35,66 EURnet: 29,97 EUR
7,13 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LEDON LED Spot MR16 8W (Set of 5)
LEDON Spot MR16 8W

Replacement for 75W halogen lamps. Solid, bright and efficient!

from 58,00 EURnet: 48,74 EUR
11,60 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LEDON GU10 LED Spot 6W (Set of 5)
GU10 LED Spot 6W

by brand manufacturer LEDON with 345 lumen and 38░ or 60░ beam angle.

from 44,58 EURnet: 37,46 EUR
8,91 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LED Downlight MR16 10W
LED Downlight MR16 10W by LEDON

600 lumen, Ra=90. 2700K warm white. Type MR16 with external LED driver. Triac dimmable.

29,62 EURnet: 24,89 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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As a comparison GU10 halogen spotlights, light bulbs as well as LED lamps.

Lamp TypeLight OutputService Life
Light bulb10 lm/Wca. 1000 hours
Halogen lamp15 - 25 lm/Wca. 2000 hours
LED-Lamp60 - 100 lm/Wca. 25000 hours

This table shows clearly that a change of halogen to LED makes sense. Even at a minor burning time the purchase will be redeemed within a year. For the use in hotels with a high burning time, the costs are already saved after 2 – 3 months most of the time.

The Base type GU10

While MR16 describes the type with a diameter of 50mm, they still differ in their connecting type and therefore also in their operating voltage.
For the direct connection to 230V the connecting type GU10 is used. This type follows the bayonet principle. The LEDON Spot MR16 type GU10 for example is pressed into the base and then turned. A change is no problem in general. GU10 can be recognized by their 10mm contact gap.

The issue of dimming with LEDON spots MR16 (GU10 resp. GU5.3)

While halogen lamps could be dimmed without a problem, this is only possible with LEDON spots and other LED lamps that are explicitly marked as “dimmable”. With extra-low voltage you also have to pay attention to the electronic tranformator and that it’s dimmable as well. If this is ignored flickers and disturbances can occur with the transformer as well as the LED spot.

Most used places of LED GU10 spotlights:

Hotels, restaurants, offices and functional rooms. Basically everywhere where MR160 halogen spots are usually used. There is no reason to wait any longer.

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