LED Spot MR16 (GU5.3)

LED Spot MR16 (GU5.3)

Low-Voltage LED Spotlight 12V with Pin-Base GU5.3

These are alongside the familiar light bulb the biggest "electricity guzzlers".
The level of efficiency (luminous efficacy rating) is not noticeably better than
of the light bulb. It is just the MR16 design which is still in use as halogen
lamps and could be exchanged without compromising immediately against
LED spots. The energy saving is about 80%.

GU5.3 is called the 12V socket variant for the design of MR16 spots. These are built-in spots, now in LED version, with 50mm diameter and the base shown here consisting of two thin pins. The LED spotlight is plugged into the 12V socket by simply pressing it.

This low-voltage version (12V) already contains a constant current source in a small housing. However, an additional LED transformer is required to convert the 230V to 12V.

For more Information regarding GU5.3 lamps please scroll down.

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LED-Spot LEDON GU5.3 8W (Set of 5)

LEDON LED-Spot with 8W 430lm. 40W-Halogenreplacement, also dimmable available.

from 57,99 EURnet: 48,73 EUR
11,59 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LED spotlight GU5.3 3.5W of LEDON (set of 5) not dimmable
LEDON LED spotlight 3,5W
with real 250Im. 20W-bulb replacement
35,66 EURnet: 29,97 EUR
7,13 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
LED-Spot MR16 6W GU5.3 by LEDON (Set of 5)
6W LED-Spot GU5.3 (COB)
Replacement for 35W halogen lamps, Ra = 90, 2700K
Beam angle 38░ or 60░
44,61 EURnet: 37,49 EUR
8,92 EUR per
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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In compare 12V halogen to incandescent and LED Spot MR16 (GU10/5.3)

Lamp typeLuminous efficiencyLifetime
Light bulb10 lm/Wca. 1000 h
Halogen lamp15 - 25 lm/Wca. 2000 h
LED light60 - 100 lm/Wca. 25000 h

This table above clearly shows that an exchange of halogen to LED makes perfect sense. Even at low
burn durations, payback occurs within one year of implementation.

For use in hotels having high burning times the costs are usually saved after 2-3 months.

The Socket Type GU5.3

The so-called low-voltage lamps have lead pins type GU5.3 and are simply plugged into the socket. The
pin distance of have just 5.3mm. The operation is possible with 12V AC or DC, which consists of a LED transformer.
It should be ensured that the minimum load is not exceeded by energy-saving LEDON spots. Often is
a replacement of old transformers with modern LED transformers needed.

The topic with dimming by LEDON Spots MR16 (GU10 or GU5.3)

While halogen bulbs could be dimmed easily, it is only possible with LEDON spots and other LED lamps,
which are explicit marked accordingly as "dimmable". With low voltage you also have to be careful, that
the transformer is also dimmable. If you ignore it, so there may be flickering at LED spots and both of them
could be destroyed.

Most application of LED Spot 12V with GU5.3:

Hotels, restaurants, offices and meeting rooms. Actually everywhere where previously MR16 halogen lamps
are used. Exchange it now!


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