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Light Cube Light and Spectrum Simulator Asensetek

Light Cube Light and Spectrum Simulator Asensetek
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Product no.: LC
Weight: 7.000 kg
Manufacturer: Asensetek
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Products description

Light Cube Spectrum Simulator - Create your own desired light

Light Cube is a light simulation system consisting of a light simulator for light generation, the Light Cube, a smart spectrometer for light measurement, the Lighting Passport Pro and software for light analysis and manipulation, Spectrum Genius Light Cube.
These three elements form a control loop with which you can create a wide variety of lighting conditions.

The following lighting parameters can be changed:
  • Illuminance (2000 - 10000 Lux)
  • Colour temperature CCT (3000 - 10000 Kelvin)
  • Color Rendering Index CRI (60 - 100)
  • Duv (-0.0500 - 0.0500)
  • CQS (60 - 100)
  • TLCI Qa (60 - 100)
  • TM30 Rf (50 - 100)
  • TM30 Rg (60 - 140)
  • PPFD B (0.0 - 60.0)
  • PPFD G (0.0 - 60.0)
  • PPFD R (0.0 - 60.0)
  • PPFD UV (0.0 - 10.0)
  • PPFD IR (0.0 - 10.0)
Lichtspektrum variieren mit Light Cube von Asensetek
A special feature of the Light Cube system is that the light spectrum can be changed. 11 channels with 10 bit resolution each (1024 steps) are available for this purpose.
The spectral inputs can be collected either from direct data input to the software or from the Lighting Passport Pro.

By controlling the Spectrum Genius Light Cube software, the system effortlessly simulates all types of light sources such as LEDs, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps and other conventional lights.

The applications of the Light Cube:
  • Light research (universities, colleges...)
  • Simulations with black body (Plankscher radiator)
  • Plant Growth Research / Greenhouse Lighting
  • Human Centric Research
  • Studio Lighting
  • Fashion Industry / Shows, Exhibitions,...

Technical Data of the Light Cube Light Simulator:
Dimensions: 300x300x200mm
Weight: 7kg
Wavelength range: 380-780nm
Changeable channels: 11
Channel resolution: 10 bit (1024 steps per channel)
Lifetime: >10.000h
Max luminous flux and illuminance: 6,500K:1700 lm, 1 meter:850 lux
                                                                           5,000K:2400 lm, 1 meter:1250 lux
Short-term stability: 6,500K<±10K, 5,000K<±5K
Long-term stability: 6,500K<±25K, 5,000K<±15K
Operating voltage/frequency: 110/ 230V, 50/ 60Hz
Power: 150W Max
Connection: USB cable, Wireless Control (optional)
Operating temperature/humidity: 0 - 35°C, relative humidity below 80 % without condensation
Storage temperature/humidity: -10 - 45 °C, relative humidity below 85 % (@ 35°C) without condensation
Scope of delivery: Light Cube, power cable, USB cable, PC software, USB dongle

Attention: The spectrometer is not included in delivery but is necessary for operation. It is offered separately here in the shop, follow this link to the spectrometer Lighting Passport Pro Standard.


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Light Cube with smart spectrometer and pc software
Light Cube Asensetek Light Simulator
Change lighting parameters with light cube pc software
Light Spectrum Simulation Light Cube

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