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0-10V to DALI converter

0-10V to DALI converter
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Product no.: 595
Weight: 0.050 kg
Manufacturer: LUNATONE
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Products description

DALI converter for the converting of 0-10V analog signals to DALI

With the compact interface module by Lunatone, the converting of analog signals (0-10V) into digital DALI signals happens easily. Choose your preferred model of the DALI converter from the variants with resp. without OFF-function and a dimming range of either 1-100% or 10-100% now.

Overview of the specifications of the DALI converter:

  • The read in 0-10V voltage is issued on the DALI-subcircuit via broadcast .
  • A changing of the 0-10V input voltage (>1%) is used as event trigger.
  • A linear 100k-potentiometer can be directly connected to the 0-10V to DALI converter..
  • The module is supplied by a 12-24V power supply or a DALI-circuit, at any polarity.
  • Compact interface module for the converting of 0-10V control signals into DALI (Direct Arc Power Level).
  • Integrated bus supply for the DALI-subcircuit with up to 4 standard-DALI charges (10mA), expansion for up to 64 charges is possible with a DALI-expander.
  • The standart application for the 0- 10V to DALI converter is therefore the direct control off up to 4 DALI-EVGs with a 0-10V control unit.
  • A galvanic isolation between DALI-output (10mA) and 0-10V input resp. 24V-supply can be realised with a DALI-expander
  • Analog signals (0-10V) and PWM signals (>1kHz) can be processed.
  • Various variants for different output cable areas, as well as switch-on and switch-off conducts are available.

Technical data:
  • Type 0-10V / DALI converter
  • Function: converter
  • Typical electricity demand: 4,1mA + electricity demand for the DALI subcircuit
  • Output: DALI, Imax = 10 mA
  • Power supply: 12 V - 24 V at any polarity
  • Input: 0 - 10 V
  • Protection type: IP20
  • Wirelength to the 0 - 10 V control unit: 50 cm
  • Connection wire section: 0,5 - 1,5 mm2
  • Temperature: 0 ░C - 50 ░C
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 40x28x15 mm

These variants with the following specifications are avialable:
Active input (module provides the power supply, direct connection of a (linear) 100k?-potentiometer is possible):
with OFF-function (1%-100%): 86468352-001-A
with OFF-function (10%-100%): 86468352-010-A
without OFF-function (1%-100%): 86468352-101-A
without OFF-function (10%-100%): 86468352-110-A

Passive input (the module provides no voltage, suitable for the control of  a 0-10V analog signal):
with OFF-function (1%-100%): 86468352-001-P
with OFF-function (10%-100%): 86468352-010-P
without OFF-function (1%-100%): 86468352-101-P
without OFF-function (10%-100%): 86468352-110-P

Product Features

Dimmable/ControlAvailability to control illumination:1..10VControl input for external voltage from 1-10V or passiv via potentiometer or specific 1-10V device., DALIDALI - specific lightinginterface. Needs further components like DALI-Controller. Each drivers has its own adress and via BUS-control it provides continously opportunity to dim and switch the light.

More images to 0-10V to DALI converter

Interface 0-10V to DALI by Lunatone
DALI converter sizes


Manual DALI converterDownload723.09 KB

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