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DALI RGB/W dimmer (CC)

DALI RGB/W dimmer (CC)
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Product no.: 547
Weight: 0.050 kg
Manufacturer: LUNATONE
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Products description

DALI RGBW dimmer resp. DALI RGB dimmer (constant current)

The DALI RGBW dimmer with PWM by Lunatone makes a direct control of luminaires with RGB- or RGBW-Input possible. With the pure DALI RGB dimmer model, luminaires with RGB-input are controllable.
For this purpose four resp. three PWM-outputs (16 Bit) each have one DALI address (DT8). Depending on the type, a maximum of four power connections 4A, 8A, 10A or 16A are possible.

Product specifications:

  • The device is controlled through a DALI-adress (Device Type 8)
  • LED-dimmer with RGBW-colour control
  • Separated control feature of brightness and colour (Operation type: normalized, unlinked)
  • Controlling of four resp. three PWM-outputs for the colors red, green, blue and white (RGBW dimmer) via DALI (DT8, colour representation RGBWAF)
  • Configuration via DALI-Cockpit Softwaretool and DALI USB-Interface
  • Suitable for the control of constant voltage LED-modules
  • Depending on the model, housingvariations with various dimensions are available
  • Supply voltage 12V or 24V DC, 48V version by request
  • Connection currents of 4A, 8A, 10A or 16A and different models are available individually
  • The maximum output current can be spread arbitrarily on the different colour channels, the sum current though, must not exceed the connection current.

The following versions are available

RGB-versions, with 3 PWM-outputs (16-Bit)
up to a connection current of 4A: 89453837
up to a connection current of 8A: 86458514
up to a connection current of 10A: 89453839
up to a connection current of 16A: 89453842

RGBW-versions, with 4 PWM-outputs (16-Bit)
up to a connection current of 8A: 86458509
up to a connection current of 10A: 89453840
up to a connection current of 16A: 89453843

Other technical data:

  • Supply: 12VDC-24VDC, 48V by request
  • Control input: DALI (Device Type 8)
  • Dimming: 1 % - 100 %
  • Temperature: -15 ░C - 50 ░C
  • Protection type: IP20
  • Condition after return: depeding on the DALI-configuration
  • Max. wire-cross section: 2,5 mm2
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x28x14 mm resp. 59x33x15 mm. 120x30x21 mm

More images to DALI RGB/W dimmer (CC)

DALI RGB/W dimmer family
RGB dimmer productfamily
Colour control dimmer example
Sizes RGB Lunatone


Datasheet dimmer RGBWDownload810.29 KB
Datasheet dimmer RGBDownload759.39 KB

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