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TCI DC Mini Jolly 1...10 V & PUSH - LED driver

TCI DC Mini Jolly 1...10 V & PUSH - LED driver
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Product no.: 295
Weight: 0.100 kg
Manufacturer: TCI
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Products description

LED driver DC Mini Jolly dimmable

Dimming via 1-10V & push-button function

dimming via 1-10V & push-button operation

TCI 123400, 125400, 151400 for up to 20Watt. Constant current and voltage can be set via dip switches.
DC Mini Jolly is the little brother of the LED driver DC Maxi Jolly and fits through 68mm ceiling holes for e.g. recessed lights with LED.

  • Multi-current or multi-voltage converter - universally applicable
  • flicker (output ripple) <= 3%
  • Control via 1-10V interface or button
  • On/Off with a short key press, brightness change via held button
  • available in different versions (PWM, Hybrid, AM)

TCI 123400 (formerly 122400) with 20 Watt. Constant current or voltage. All adjustable via dip-switches.
(123400 is the identical successor to the 122400 and thus complies with the Ecodesign Directive)
The LED current is regulated without exception via pulse width modulation (PWM).
(Since Oct 2018 only available on request with MOQ>50)

TCI 125400 (20W) is the technologically improved successor of the #123400 and its innovation is the combination of PWM and AM control. This so-called hybrid control ensures absolutely flicker-free light in the range of 100% - 25% by linear control. Only in the range below 25% to 1% the known PWM control is switched over. Thus the advantages of both methods are used.
By removing a jumper (JP4) you can switch back to "PWM-only" (incl. activation of constant voltage mode). (see 123400).
In addition, further current settings have been added.

TCI 151400 (20W) is a pure linear controller. The LED current can be dimmed linearly (AM) from 100% to 1%. Perfectly suited for use with Dim2Warm.
Attention: No constant voltage operation adjustable.

As a proven multi-current converter - universally applicable. Also available as Built-In version (123404, 125404, 151404)


TCI 122400 and 123400 are ripplefreeDimmable over 1-10V and Push Button for MinijollyFunctions for TCI 123400

TCI 123400/ TCI 123404

Dip-SWPerformanceSpg. secCurrent sec# LED
Position 115 W2...43 V350mA constmax 12
Position 220 W2...40 V500mA constmax 11
Position 320 W2...36 V550mA constmax 10
Position 320 W2...29 V700mA constmax 8
Position 420 W2...24 V850mA constmax 6
Position 520 W2...22 V900mA constmax 6
Position 610 W12 V constant900mA max-
Position 720 W24 V constant900mA max-

TCI 125400 / TCI 125404 / TCI 151400 / TCI 151404

Dip-SWPerformanceSpg. secCurrent sec# LED
Position 113 W20...53 V250mA constmax 15
Position 215 W20...52 V300mA constmax 14
Position 318 W15...50 V350mA constmax 14
Position 420 W15...50 V400mA constmax 14
Position 520 W5...45 V450mA constmax 12
Position 620 W5...40 V500mA constmax 11
Position 720 W3...37 V550mA constmax 10
Position 820 W3...34 V600mA constmax 9
Position 920 W3...31 V650mA constmax 8
Position 1020 W3...29 V700mA constmax 8
Position 1120 W3...27 V750mA constmax 7
Position 1220 W3...25 V800mA constmax 7
Position 1320 W3...24 V850mA constmax 6
Position 1420 W3...23 V900mA constmax 6
Position 15*10 W12 V constant830mA max-
Position 16*20 W24 V constant900mA max-

*digit 15/16 only available for 125400/125404 (Remove JP4 for this)

Efficiency as a function of power:  84%  - 91%

New version of TCI 123400

Buttons and installation material are not included.

Please refer to the data sheets for a detailed description.

Product Features

Constant CurrentConstant Current drivers. Values adjustable via Dip-switches or with poti adjustable. For Details like max. voltage please check datasheet.:<350mA, 350mA -1A, 250mA, 350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 500mA, 550mA, 600mA, 650mA, 700mA, 850mA, 900mA
Constant VoltageOutput Voltage is constant, e.G. for operation of LED lamps or LED-Stripes:12V, 24V
PowerPower depending of individuel operation mode and configuration:<10W/m, 10-20W/m, 9WMaximum power, depending of configuration and operation mode. For details please check the datasheet., 10W, 12WMaximum power, depending of configuration and operation mode. For details please check the datasheet., 16WMaximum power, depending of configuration and operation mode. For details please check the datasheet., 20WMaximum power, depending of configuration and operation mode. For details please check the datasheet.
Dimmable/ControlAvailability to control illumination:1..10VControl input for external voltage from 1-10V or passiv via potentiometer or specific 1-10V device., Push-ButtonEasy dimmable function. Just push the button short time to dim or switch. Further application please check the datasheets., PWMDimmable via PWM input, Linear/AMflicker free

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TCI DC Mini Jolly 1...10 V & PUSH - LED driver
TCI DC Mini Jolly 1...10 V & PUSH - LED driver
TCI DC Mini Jolly 1...10 V & PUSH - LED driver


TCI Mini Jolly 123400Download640.54 KB

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