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AsenseTek, founded in March 2012 in Taiwan and sells high quality smart spectrometer worldwide.

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measuring color temperature
Lighting Navigator
Light Navigator - the simplest solution for successful light projects Affordable mobile light spectrophotometer for each light expert.
799.00€ *
Order number: SLN
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Flickermeter Spectrometer Lighting Passport PRO Essence
Spectrometer & Flickermeter Lighting Passport...
Spectrometer & Flickermeter Lighting Passport Pro Essence for every lighting planer
1,426.81€ *
Order number: SLPPE
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LPPS Asensetek Product Profile
Spectrometer & Flickermeter Lighting Passport...
Professional spectrometer sensor from now one with flicker measurement.
2,497.81€ *
Order number: SLPPS
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Lighting Passport Pro Flagship held and convenient
Spectrometer & Flickermeter Lighting Passport...
Professional light spectrometer All-in-one Lighting Passport Pro Flagship with included iPod Touch 6.
3,033.31€ *
Order number: SLPPF
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Light analysis with Asesetek GateKeeper
Spectrometer Lighting Passport Gatekeeper Set
Lighting Passport Gatekeeper measure light spectrum in serial production cheap and professional
2,914.67€ * 4,271.49€ *
Order number: SLGK
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Light Cube with smart spectrometer and pc software
Light Cube Light and Spectrum Simulator Asensetek
Light Cube Light Simulator Create your own desired light and change CCT, CRI, Lux and other parameters.
12,692.80€ * 16,276.60€ *
Order number: LC
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Lichtspektrum am PC auswerten
Spectrum Genius Standard - Analyzing...
Spectrum Genius Std. PC Software for Lighting Passport Smartphone Spectrometer
236.81€ *
Order number: SGSt
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Spektralanalyse am PC
Spectrum Genius Advanced
Advanced Software with more features for Lighting Passport Smartphone Spectrometer
533.99€ *
Order number: SGAd
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