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Aviora FL Panels with reflector microfacetted optics Modern design with revolutionary... more

Aviora FL Panels with reflector microfacetted optics

Modern design with revolutionary optics
The special structure of the reflector microfacettes (Bartenbach development) of the Aviora generates a radiation of 85° FWHM (corresponds to 100° FWTM), without the generation of disturbing scattered light. Normally the beam angle of a luminaire is half the highest lux value of the light beam (Full Width at Half Maximum, FWHM). This is usually accompanied by a lot of stray light outside the beam, which causes disturbing glare. For this reason, Illuxtron panels also work with beam sizes that are based on the height of the 10% lux value (half the half-width or "Full Width at Tenth Maximum", FWTM).
In other words, the LED panel directs the light exactly where you want it, onto the work surface and only slightly onto the walls with a pleasant transition. This makes it possible to meet the 500 lux requirement on the work surface of a 5 x 5 metre room with only 4 x 20 watts.  

Features and benefits of the Illuxtron Aviora FL

Casing color matt white RAL 9016
Material housing: metal
  reflector glass: polycarbonate
Dimensions 595x595 (XX=33) 620x620 (XX=27)
Height 21 mm
Application Inside area
Beam angle (FWHM/FWTM)  standard 85°/100°
UGR (4H8H 70/50/20) < 19
Colour consistency (MacAdam) SDCM3
IP Code IP20
IK Code IK03
Operating temperature (Ta) -20°C / +45°C
Lifetime at 25° C
L70B50 134.000 hrs.
L80B50 82.000 hrs.
L90B50 37.000 hrs.
Safety sign EN60598 / EN62031 / EN62471
EMV Directive EN55015
Guarantee 7 years
Energy class A+
Type incl. LED driver
Input 220V - 240V/50Hz
Protection class II
Ripple < 3%
Performance levels 37,3 W 56 W
Power factor /Pf 0,98 0,95
inrush current 5A 50µS 20A 400µS


Aviora FL 595x595 / 620x620

All Aviora LED Panels are available with either 2700-6500K, 3000K or 4000K, as well as different lumen packages or powers, as well as ballasts included in the set (dimmable via Casambi, DALI, 1-10V&Push or switchable only)
overview of available Aviora FL panels with article numbers.

Colour temperature 3000 K 4000 K 2700-6500 K
Luminous flux 4100 lm 5350 lm 4350 lm 5650 lm 3450 lm
Power 37,3 W 56,0 W 37,3 W 56,0 W 26,6 W
Luminous efficacy (with EVG) 110 Lm/W 96 Lm/W 117 Lm/W 101 Lm/W 139 Lm/W
Art. No. Switchable XXED03MWF202 XXEE03MWF202 XXED03MWF302 XXEE03MWF302 -
1-10V & Push XXED03MWG202 XXEE03MWG202 XXED03MWG302 XXEE03MWG302 -
Casambi - - - - XXED03MW6U02

For further information on the Aviora FL panels, please refer to the data sheet in the download tab.

The products of the manufacturer Illuxtron are manufactured individually according to your specification especially for you. This also explains the longer delivery time of 1-3 weeks depending on the load.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, Casambi radio, DALI
Color Temperature/Color: 3000K, 4000K
Lamp shape: LED Grid Inlay
Datasheet Illuxtron
Aviora FL
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