Casambi, IP65 waterproof, PWM dimming, programmable

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Casambi light control module with PWM dimming in waterproof casing Experience the new variety... more

Casambi light control module with PWM dimming in waterproof casing

Experience the new variety of applications of CASAMBI

With Casambi you can operate your lighting easily and individually, conveniently via smartphone or tablet, wirelessly. Controlling runs via Casambi LE (Low Energy). If several Casambi modules are in use, a so-called "mesh network" is built up. Each additional Casambi module increases range, because each module establishes a direct connection to all others.

Your luminaires can now not only be dimmed, switched on and off, but also timed via the timer function, up to max. 3 lights can be combined to a group, light scenes deposited, and much more.
The compact modules are simply mounted in front of the luminaire or behind the switch so that no additional cables need to be laid. The setup is extremely simple, all components are automatically detected in the network and in the app.

This device with IP 65 protection can be used wherever you have to reckon with moisture during use, for example:

  • Bath rooms
  • Sauna areas
  • Swimming baths
  • Coolings houses
  • Garden lights
  • For all outdoor applications

Convenient control of all settings via the free App from CASAMBI (in the text below):

  • LED dimmer with IP65 protection for convenient operation with tablet or smartphone (Apple, Android)
  • For LED strips and other modules for constant voltage
  • Free App from CASAMBI (Apple / Android):
  • Lighting control (colour / dim level)
  • Configuration of luminaires and luminairs networks
  • Creation of scenes and animations (colour gradients)
  • Automatic detection of new devices
  • intelligent timer- and gallery functions
  • Protection settings of your luminaires network (only me, everybody, password access, ..)
  • You can setup a Gateway, but it is not neccesary
  •  Integrated antenna
  • Also controllable via wall switch RWBT and Xpress RW?EBT
  • Apple Watch compatible
  • Do not insert switches into the secondary circuit!

Other special features:

  • Fixed rubber connection cables, 15 cm each
  • Interface with IP 65 protection for convenient control of LED power supplies with DALI input signal by smartphone or tablet (Apple/ Android)
  • Sends DALI broadcast. Possibility to configure the other interface types I (U) BTU, I (U) .. BTDA before pairing with the network: Change profile
  • You can also setup a gateway but it is no necessary
  • Integrated antenna (see position drawings, gray area, do not cover with metal casing)

Switched network output:

To avoid standby currents and to switch off the connected lighting at 0% dimming via the Casambi App completely, a relay suitable for the power to be switched must be used. A corresponding circuit diagram can be found in the Tab images. We offer the suitable relay directly in the recommendation tab
Location of the antenna

When installing, pay attention to the position of the antenna and avoid larger metallic structures or, if necessary, plan a recess for the antenna. It is recommended to test the range after all conversions.
The position and size of the recess can be found in the image in the Images tab.

Technical data: (DALI: CCT, RGB, RGB+W, 1..4CH)
Article no. built in housing 808885
Type built in housing DIBTPRO14-144
Power supply input 12..24 Vdc
Signal input BT 4.0 (2,4 GHz) lite @ smart devices
Radio signal 2,4..2,483 GHz; 4 dBm
Max. output power 12 V: 72 W 24 V : 144 W
PWM frequency ~ 400 Hz
Ambient temperature (ta) -20.. +40 °C
Rated max. temp. (tc) 75 °C
IP Protection level 65
Dimensions 100 x 37 mm (without cable)

CASAMBI QR-Code and Links (direct download)

Small selection of introduction videos for CASAMBI:

CASAMBI Tutorial | General overview of functions


CASAMBI Tutorial | Start / First steps / Set up network


 CASAMBI Tutorial | Create and use scenes


CASAMBI Tutorial | Pairing and setting up Xpress


Many more supportive videos about Casambi can be found on YouTube.

For further information and wiring diagrams please refer to the data sheet. (Download-Tab)



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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
·Dimmable/Control: BT4.0 (2,4 GHz), Casambi radio, PWM
·Application/IP-Code: IP65/67 (Outdoor)
Data sheet Casambi IP65-PWM
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