Flexible RGBW LED Strip 24V | 4-channel 72 LEDs/m

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Flexible RGBW LED strip 24V for indoor applications with 72 LEDs/m These modern RGB-W LED... more

Flexible RGBW LED strip 24V for indoor applications with 72 LEDs/m

These modern RGB-W LED strips are suitable for indoor applications and are ideal for effect and ambient lighting. This advanced 4-channel technology gives you more pleasing and vibrant colors, but also a wider color spectrum through the additional white channel. Here you can choose a warm white or cold white channel. On these LED strips are alternately a RGB full color LED or a white 3-chip LED. With our flexible 24V RGB-W LED strips, shelves or showcases can be illuminated or individual pieces of furniture can be brought to bear through targeted attachment. They are ideal if you want to set a specific color or if you want to stay flexible in color. In this version, the LED strip can be combined with all of our ALU profiles, which are also used for cooling.

The RGB-W bar is controlled by a common positive pole.

For a sustainable operation, please note the information on the cooling for the LED strips in the data sheet.

The most important features

  • The supply voltage of 24V allows a large selection of power supplies and to use it in truck interiors
  • The beam angle of 120° ensures large-area illumination
  • The assembly density of 72 LEDs/m ensures even and homogeneous light distribution
  • With a pitch of 166.7mm, you can customize the LED bar to your needs
  • The RGB-W technology allows the colors to be freely adjusted
  • The additional white channel allows you to use the bar optionally for neutral lighting

Application examples:

  • Effect lighting of cabinets, showcases and shelves
  • Highlighting individual pieces of furniture through targeted lighting
  • Lighting in the vehicle interior, eg for motorhomes
  • Increase accessibility by illuminating stairs and other tripping hazards
  • Atmospheric lighting in party cellars
  • Indirect lighting of suspended ceilings
  • Backlight of TV sets
  • Many other indoor applications possible

Specifications RGBW LED strips 24V:

Variants indoor, flexible
Power supply 24V DC
Color temperature channel 4 Cold white 6000K // Warm white 2700K
Luminous flux 780 lm/m // 720 lm/m
Power 14 W/m
Packing density 72 LEDs/m
Beam angle 120°
Width 12mm
Height 2.5 mm
Division 166.7 mm

In our shop you will find a large selection of matching 24V power supplies

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14W/m ideal for indoor applications   suitable for effect, ambient and general lighting more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Lamp shape: flexible
rated luminous flux lm/m: 501-1000 lm/m
Amount LEDs/m: 72 LEDs/m
Power/Meter: 10-20W/m
Color Temperature/Color: RGBW/4-Ch
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