LED CC Ballast Maxi Jolly DALI 60W from TCI

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LED Ballast 60W - Flickerfree Constant Current Dimming via DALI Two successors of the famous... more

LED Ballast 60W - Flickerfree Constant Current Dimming via DALI

Two successors of the famous LED ballast from TCI: Maxi Jolly US DALI 50W. (#123413)
Noteworthly innovations:


  • Power: 60W instead of 50W
  • Novel dimming to avoid flicker
    • Type 127413
      • Hybrid: Combination of linear (AM) and known PWM
      • Conditionally suitable for cameras according to the following dimming ranges
      • Linear dimming (flickerfree) in the range of 100% - 25%
      • Switching to PWM (2KHz) in the range 25% - 1%
      • As a result, very precise dimming even in the lower dimming range
      • Optionally switch to PWM only at 240Hz by setting a bridge possible. (Details in the data sheet)
      • Master/slave operation possible via sync lines
    • Type 151413
      • Pure amplitude dimming (linear dimming)
      • Camera-friendly without restriction (no flicker, even at high shutter speeds, as no PWM)
      • Dim2warm available
  • Tc-value of 90°C

TCI 127413; TCI 151413:  Value for constant current, or voltage can be set via dip switch.
By the possibility to configure currents from 350mA to 1050mA, As well as a power of up to 60W, this LED constant current converter is versatile. In addition, it offers dimming options for 1-10V or also via touch operation.

Overview of the technical data of the LED ballast 60W from TCI

  • Multi-Current Converter - Universally applicable.
  • Ext. Temperature sensor optional (connection for NTC available)
  • Dimming option via 1-10V control voltage. (Or alternatively via a 100K ohms potentiometer)
  • Push button or button operation: On / off by means of short push button, change of the brightness of the held button.

As a US version with remarkable improvements:

  • Improved EMC
  • Improved Overvoltage proctection (Surge) of 3.5-4kV
  • UL certified

LED-Converter DALI 60W 1-10V Push 127413 symboleENEC, KEMA and SELV symboles for DALI constant current converter 127413
Dipswitch settings

Dip-SW Power  Spg. sec Current sec
Position 1 25 W 2...74 V max. 350mA const.
Position 2 35 W 2...72 V max. 500mA const.
Position 3 39 W 2...72 V max. 550mA const.
Position 4 46 W 2...72 V max. 650mA const.
Position 5 50 W 2...72 V max. 700mA const.
Position 6 54 W 2...72 V max. 750mA const.
Position 7 60 W 2...70 V max. 850mA const.
Position 8 60 W 2...66 V max. 900mA const.
Position 9 60 W 2...60 V max. 1.00A const.
Position 10 60 W 2...57 V max. 1.05A const.

Efficiency of the LED driver depending on the power: 30W - 60W: 87% - 92%

Funkionen zu dimmbarem DALI-LEDTreiber 127413

All TCI Jolly LED ballasts with PWM are dimmable via sync cable. Thus, the control is possible via only one push-button.
Up to 10 LED converters (slave) can be operated via a master.
Switches and installation materials are not included in the scope of delivery.

For detailed description please refer to the data sheet.

History of this proven TCI LED Converter for dimming via DALI, 1-10V or Push

TCI 122412 --> Setting range 350mA - 1.4A and fixed voltage 48V
TCI 122413 --> Setting range 350mA - 1.05A and fixed voltage 48V, US version with higher surge voltage
TCI 123413 --> Like 122413, but also compliance with the ecodesign directive with standby power <0.5W
TCI 127413 --> Higher power, Flicker-free by linear regulation in the dimming range of 25-100%,
TCI 151413 --> Higher power, pure amplitude dimming
downward compatibility up to 122413 is given. (Exception constant voltage operation) See data sheet for details.

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Features of the product family. Details on variants can be found in the description.
Constant Current: 1,05A, 1A, 350mA, 500mA, 550mA, 650mA, 700mA, 750mA, 850mA, 900mA
Power: 25W, 30W, 32W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 60W
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, Linear/AM, Push-Button
Datasheet TCI 127413
Datasheet 127413
Switch-Dim Resync Manual
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Customer evaluation for "LED CC Ballast Maxi Jolly DALI 60W from TCI"
12 Mar 2020

Rettung bei defekter Lampe mit universalem LED EVG.

Suchte einen Ersatz für eine teure Designerlampe. Netzteil war kaputt. hier wurde dieses universelle Gerät empfohlen. Alles prima.

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