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DALI LED driver "DC Mini Jolly DALI"; 123403; 125403, 151403 TCI 123403  (formerly... more

DALI LED driver "DC Mini Jolly DALI"; 123403; 125403, 151403

TCI 123403  (formerly 122403) with 20 Watt. Constant current or voltage. All adjustable via dip-switches.
(123403 is the identical successor to 122403 and already complies with the Ecodesign Directive)
The LED current is regulated without exception via pulse width modulation (PWM). Discontinued model!

TCI 125403 (20W) is the technologically improved successor of #123403 and its innovation is the combination of PWM and AM control. This so-called hybrid control ensures absolutely flicker-free light in the range of 100% - 25% by linear control. Only in the range below 25% to 1% the known PWM control is switched over. Thus, the advantages of both methods are used.
By short-circuiting the NTC input when switching on, you can switch between "PWM-only" and activation of constant voltage operation (see 123403) and hybrid operation. Confirmation by single flashing (PWM), double flashing (hybrid)

TCI 151403 (20W) is a pure linear controller. The LED current can be dimmed linearly (AM) from 100% to 1%. Perfectly suited for use with Dim2Warm.
Attention: Constant voltage operation is not possible.

Read also this technical article on the dimming types PWM / AM / Hybrid.

As a proven multi-current converter - universally applicable. Also available as Built-In version (123403BI, 125403BI, 151403BI)
Flicker ( Output Ripple ) <= 3%

Ripple freeTCI 123403 function of driverTCI Mini Jolly Safety instructions

TCI 123403/ TCI 123403BI

Dip-SW Power Voltage out Current out # LED
Position 1 10 W 15...43 V 250mA const. max 12
Position 2 15 W 2...43 V 350mA const max 12
Position 3 17 W 2...43 V 400mA const max 12
Position 4 19 W 2...43 V 450mA const max 12
Position 5 20 W 2...40 V 500mA const max 11
Position 6 20 W 2...36 V 550mA const max 10
Position 7 20 W 2...33 V. 600mA const max 9
Position 8 20 W 2...28 V 700mA const max 8
Position 9 16 W 24 V constant 900mA max -

TCI 125403 / TCI 125403BI / TCI 151403 / TCI 151403BI

Dip-SW Power  Voltage out Current out # LED
Position 1 12 W 15...49 V 250mA const. max 14
Position 2 17 W 2...49 V 350mA const max 14
Position 3 19 W 2...49 V 400mA const max 14
Position 4 20 W 2...45 V 450mA const max 13
Position 5 20 W 2...40 V 500mA const max 11
Position 6 20 W 2...36 V 550mA const max 10
Position 7 20 W 2...33 V. 600mA const max 9
Position 8 20 W 2...28 V 700mA const max 8
Position 9* 16 W 24 V constant 700mA max -

DALI LED driver TCI Mini Jolly Functions
*Position 9 only available for 125403/125403BI.

Efficiency of DALI LED drivers depending on power: 10-20W: 84% - 91%
For a detailed description please refer to the data sheets (see Downloads)

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DALI LED driver 20W Constant currents: 250mA - 700mA; constant voltage: 24V, TCI 123403,... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Constant Current: 0,4A, 0,5A, 0,6A, 0,7A, 0,9A, 0,25A, 0,35A, 0,45A, 0,55A
Power: 20W
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI2, Linear/AM, PWM
Datasheet DC Mini Jolly DALI
technical specification of TCI 123403 and 123403BI
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Customer evaluation for "LED Driver TCI Mini Jolly Dali"
22 Oct 2020

Vielseitig, günstig und gut.

Ersetzt bei mir die originalen Netzteile meiner Baumarkt-LED-Leuchten.

31 Mar 2020

schnell gefunden, gut beraten, gekauft

Hatten Ersatz für ein altes Model 122403 gesucht. Wurden hier fündig und wurden schnell über die Unterschiede informiert. Vollprofis hier.

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