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  • HLG-240H-12-A
  • HLG-240H-12-A
  • 1.3 kg
  • Meanwell
Meanwell HLG240H-xx"Type" The Meanwell HLG240H - LED switching power supply fits in... more

Meanwell HLG240H-xx"Type"

The Meanwell HLG240H - LED switching power supply fits in execution, for example -12A, perfect for operations with 12V lamps, in example to low-voltage LED spotlight MR16 / GU5.3 or MR11 and LED Stripes. More over is the HLG240H a high performance dust - and waterproof AC-to-DC LED power supply up to 240W. The high power (up to 240W), many LED lamps can be turned to a single transformer. Saving of costs!

The high degree of protection is guaranteed by IP65, that's why is the unit also suitable for outdoor use. Via a further connection, it is also possible to dim. (Type B)

HLG240H Features (depends on type):

  • 7 Years manufacturers warranty
  • Universal alternate current up to 305VAC
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Protections: over -/laod, -/voltage, -/temperature
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • OCP point adjustable through output cable or internal potentiometer
  • IP65/IP67 for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Three possibilities of dimming via 1-10 V, PWM or resistance
  • Type H for use Class I Zone 2 (gases and vapors)
  • Suitable for LED lighting especially street lighting applications

Performance HLG240H Typ -xxA:

  • Internal potentiometer for fine adjustment of the output voltage
  • Internal potentiometer for adjusting the max. Current (current limit)
  • IP65, for indoor and outdoor applications

Performance HLG240H Typ -xx"B":

  • Constant current control regulation about 1-10V or PWM entrance, as well as external potentiometer
  • IP67 protection. For indoor -and outdoor applications

Technical data to Meanwell power supply HLG:

Execution For LED and lighting applications
Model Switching power supply, Performance H
Input  90 - 305 VAC / 127 - 431 VDC 47 -63 Hz
Rated Power 192 - 240,3 W (voltage depending, see datasheet)
Surge solidity 4 kV
Output operating parameters  See data sheet
Design  HLG
Approbation  UL / EN Class C
Dimension 244,2mm x 68mm x 38,8mm (H x W x D)

On request, we also offer type and voltage ranges.

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Meanwell HLG240H series With IP65 is the HLG240H ideally suited for indoor and outdoor... more
Features of the product family. Details on variants can be found in the description.
Constant Voltage: 12V, 24V
Constant Current: 2,4A, 2,4A - 5A, 4A, 5A, 13A, 16A, > 5A
Power: 185W, 200W, 240W
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, PWM
Datasheet HLG-240H
Meanwell Installation Manual
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