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The PCE-Instruments GmbH, is a company founded in 1999 by three engineers and located in the Hochsauerland district, which has distinguished itself in the development, manufacture and sale of high-performance and innovative products in the fields of measurement technology, control technology, weighing technology and laboratory technology.

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Environmental Meter PCE-EM 890
Environmental Meter PCE-EM 890
The PCE-EM 890 is an all-rounder and wind speed, temperature, windchill, dew point, rel. humidity, heat index and more…
267.63€ *
Order number: PCE-EM 890
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Wettermessgerät und Luxmeter
Luxmeter PCE-EM 888
The climate measuring device PCE-EM 888 is a compact all-rounder and includes 6 different measuring parameters: lux measurement, wind speed, volumetric flow, air humidity, air temperature, temperature with K-type.
208.13€ *
Order number: PCE-EM-888
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Lux meter PCE-CRM 40
Lux meter PCE-CRM 40
With the PCE-CRM 40 lux measuring device, important photometric parameters in the field of light measurement can be determined. These include the tristimulus values XYZ, the u´v´ color coordinates according to CIE1976 and...
2,119.57€ * 2,231.13€ *
Order number: PCE-CRM 40
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Datenlogger PCE-VDL 16I Draufsicht
Data logger for lux measurement PCE-VDL-16I
Universal data logger for illuminance, temperature, humidity, air pressure and 3-axis acceleration. Suitable for luminaire development
452.08€ *
Order number: PCE-VDL-16I
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PCE-LED-20 Anwendung
Lux meter PCE-LED 20
LED Lux meter with 3% accuracy with LED white light. 2.5 measurements per sec. Automatic range selection. Favorite among LED users.
172.43€ *
Order number: PCE-LED 20
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Schutzkappe Helligkeitsmesser
Illuminometer PCE-170 A
Lighting meter PCE-170 A is characterized by excellent value for money. Optionally with calibration certificate
Variants from 116.50€ *
Order number: PCE170A-0
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Luxmeter PCE-172
Luxmeter PCE-172
Variants from 148.63€ *
Order number: PCE172-0
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PCE 174 Anschluß Sensor
Luxmeter PCE-174
Variants from 208.13€ *
Order number: PCE174-0
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Pyrometer PCE-TC 25
Pyrometer PCE-TC 25 Thermal Imaging camera for the practitioner in maintenance: servicing and research Picture-in-picture function 33 x 33 pixel save images as BMP file
459.22€ *
Order number: PCE-TC 25
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Lux warning system LXT-TRM
Lux warning system LXT-TRM
The lux warning system consists of a measuring sensor with a handle and a wall bracket on a 1.5 m cable, a light transmitter. The main area of application of the light sensor is in the continuous light measurement and light monitoring...
Variants from 173.62€ *
Order number: 530-LXT-TRM
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