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PicoDot - EnOcean optical proximity sensor

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PicoDot – EnOcean® proximity sensor Through a simple “wave “ or... more

PicoDot – EnOcean® proximity sensor

Through a simple “wave “ or „approach” of the hand inside an area of around 5cm distance, the PicoDot can control all possible EnOcean® compatible actuators and their connected devices and consumers. Connect the EnOcean® products within seconds with each other and place the clever and mobile wireless switches anywhere you like. Now for example, you can control your standard lamps with an EnOcean® compatible switchable plug socket from anywhere inside the wireless range of around 30meters, turning them on and off and dim them remotely.

Energy saving

The calculated life expectancy of the battery with a normal switching cycle of a typical light switch is approximately 70 years. That batteries today have approximately a 20-25 years physical life expectancy, means that the proximity sensor will provide a maintenance free service for this duration.

Extraneous light independence

The proximity sensor that recognises a “wave” or “approach” of the hand, can also be operated in full sunlight, because the clever technology can regulate light up to 150,000Lux, which equates to 1.5 times direct sunlight.


The optical system is self-calibrating. Once the proximity sensor is positioned, surrounding stationary objects will be automatically calibrated out inside 10 seconds, the PicoDot can then be used as normal. Dust and other infrared light invisible “layers” are also calibrated out.


Some bacteria can be found on standard light switches in public or private rooms. By switching without any contact, the switches from Picosens bring a big adventage. Especially on current situation with COVID-19, the sensors help to contain the spread of the virus.

Technical data

Response distance 50 mm (reference)
Measuring principle Infrared pulse reflection
Wavelength: 850 nm, pulse cycles: 10x per second
Ambient light immunity Bis 150.000 Lux (=1,5 times sunlight)
Radio communication EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP: F6-01-01)
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
Radio range Up to 30 m (depending on local conditions)
Max. Transmission energy 3 dBm
Power supply 3 V button cell battery (type: CR2032; 230mA/h)
Power consumtion 320 nA (measure- /standby mode)
Battery life 100 switching cycles/day = 30 years
1000 switching cycles/day = 10 years
2000 switching cycles/day = 5 years
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Protection class IP64

Peha Easyclickpro mains adaptor:

  • Low self-consumption (< 0,5 W) – energy efficient power supply and bistable relay
  • Smart Submetering – Energy consumption measurement of the connected consumer
  • Repeater-function – Extend the wireless range of other EnOcean® compatible products
  • Individual transmitter-parameters– individual functions for each transmitter
  • Pre-configured functions – Already assigned functions/parameters for various transmitters
  • Certified product safety – KEMA Certified

Eltako wireless actuator, impulse switch FSR61NP-230V:

  • Low self-consumption (< 0,8 W) – energy efficient power adaptor
  • Repeater-function – Extend the wireless range of other EnOcean®-compatible products
  • Individual transmitter-parameters– individual functions for each transmitter
  • Variable operation modes – Relay switches, impulse switches, timers

PicoDot - Convenient and contactless switching at home (Video language is German)

We show you how you can use the PicoDot to switch lights and other mains devices conveniently and without touching them within seconds. We use the PicoDot in combination with a switchable socket to conveniently switch her ambient lighting in the living room on and off from the sofa.

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Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: Enocean (868 MHz)
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 Optical proximity sensor PicoDot - EnOcean optical proximity sensor
Variants from 91.80€ *
Order number: P1358-0001001
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