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PicoWave contactless switch in Odace design

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PicoWave - Contactless switch for the wall in Odace design "Wave" instead of press - this is... more

PicoWave - Contactless switch for the wall in Odace design

"Wave" instead of press - this is made possible by the optical proximity switch in Odace design. The innovative operation integrates itself into the natural motion sequence and also offers a plus in hygiene, as consumers and devices can be switched without contact. The wireless switch with its modern design can be installed without cables, which allows for extremely flexible installation in the desired location. It communicates via the EnOcean® wireless standard with compatible control devices (actuators) that can be taught-in quickly and easily. By means of so-called gateways, integration into SMART-Home and building bus systems such as KNX and DALI is also easy to implement.


In purely mathematical terms, the battery would be approx. for 70 years. Since today's batteries are designed for approx. 20 to 25 years have reached their physical life, the PicoClick in such an application will function maintenance-free within this time.

Independet of ambient light

In direct sunlight Operation, as the sophisticated technology compensates for extraneous light up to 150,000 lux, which is equivalent to 1. 5 times the amount of sunlight.


The optical system calibrates itself automatically. So if you place the optical proximity switch so that fixed objects remain in the detection area, they will be calibrated out after 10 seconds and you can use the switch as usual.


Some bacteria can be found on standard light switches in public or private rooms. By switching without any contact, the switches from Picosens bring a big adventage. Especially on current situation with COVID-19, the sensors help to contain the spread of the virus.

Technical data

Response distance 100 mm (reference)
Measuring principle Infrared pulse reflection
Wavelength: 850 nm, pulse cycles: 10x per second
Ambient light immunity Bis 150.000 Lux (=1,5 times sunlight)
Radio communication EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP: F6-01-01)
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
Radio range Up to 30 m (depending on local conditions)
Max. Transmission energy 3 dBm
Power supply 3 V button cell battery (type: CR2032; 230mA/h)
Power consumtion 320 nA (measure- /standby mode)
Battery life 100 switching cycles/day = 30 years
1000 switching cycles/day = 10 years
2000 switching cycles/day = 5 years
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Protection class IP21
Case desgin Schneider Electric: Odace
Colour White, reference S520702 = RAL9003
Surface Brilliant, material plastic

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Contactless switch for the wall. Witch gateways, integration into SMART-Home and building bus... more
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Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: Enocean (868 MHz)
PicoWave Odace Data sheet
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