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Seek Thermal, Inc.

Smartphone Gadget by Seek Thermal for smartphone (Android / iOS). Upgrade your daily companion to a Infrared-Cam.

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Seek Shot Infrared camera
Seek Shot Infrared camera
Seek Shot - compact and functional thermal imaging camera for industry. With integrated digital camera, touchscreen, WiFi and other functions.
Variants from 594.00€ *
Order number: 4344-SW-AAA
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Waermebildkamera Schwarz Weiss
Reveal PRO - Handheld Thermal Imager
With the flagship Reveal PRO from Seek Thermal you can analyse your area within fractions of a second. Fast frame technology shows you a sharp image even when moving.
829.00€ *
Order number: RQ-EAAX
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Reveal XR von Seek Thermal
Seek Thermal Reveal XR / XR FF Outdoor Thermal...
Robust and handy thermal imaging camera for long distances
Variants from 842.52€ *
Order number: 624-RT-EBA
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Seek Compact Pro iPhone Anschluss
Seek Thermal Compact Pro - High Performance...
The new Seek Compact Pro - the small high-tech thermal imager for smartphones (iOS or Android)
599.00€ *
Order number: 625-UQ-EAAX
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Seek Thermal Reveal an All-in-one tool
Seek Thermal Reveal Infrared-Cam with...
Seek Thermal Reveal with integrated 300 lumen torch Thermal Camera with measurements from -40°C up to 330°C
474.00€ *
Order number: RW-AAA
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Seek Thermal Compact Wärmebildkamera
Seek Thermal Compact / Compact XR
Thermal imaging Camera - Attachment for Android - Seek Thermal To upgrade your smartphone as a thermal imaging camera.
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Variants from 299.00€ *
Order number: 432-UT-EAA
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Seek thermal ios apple
Seek Thermal for Apple iPhone and iOS devices
Seek Thermal Thermal Imager for iPhone or other iOS devices. Infrared-attachement for iOS
Variants from 299.00€ *
Order number: 433-LW-EAA
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