Spectrum Genius Advanced

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Spectrum Genius Advanced Software Advanced Software for Lighting Passport Smartphone... more

Spectrum Genius Advanced Software

Advanced Software for Lighting Passport Smartphone Spectrometer

Expand the possibilities of your portable smart spectrometer for professional display of measured values ??on the notebook or PC. Create a full report as a print data file.

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Spectrum Genius Advance come with a USB dongle that enable advance features of the software for analytics and reporting.


  • Import of measurement data via USB, Wifi, E-Mail or SD Card (only Android)
  • Tabular representation of the measured values ??from single or multiple measurements
  • Analysis of
    • Max., Min., Range and Avg. of CIE_x, CIE_y, CIE_u´, CIE_v´
    • Correlated Color Temperature CCT
    • Duv
    • Color Rendering Index CRI Ra (R1-R8) and Re (R1-R15)
    • CQS
    • TLCI (Qa)
    • GAI
    • GAI BB8
    • GAI BB15
    • Illuminance
    • Foot Candle
    • PPFD
    • CIE 1931/1976 Diagram
    • Peak Wavelength (?p)
    • Dominant Wavelength (?D)
    • Purity
    • FWHW
    • SP ratio
    • C78,377-2008 Diagram
    • IEC-SDCM Diagram
    • Spectrum Diagram
    • Flicker Index (Lighting Passport Pro Version)
    • Flicker Percentage (Lighting Passport Pro Version)
    • Flicker Frequency (Lighting Passport Pro Version)
    • TM-30-15 (Rf, Rg)
  • Diagram representation of
    • Multi CIE 1931 Display
    • Multi CIE 1976 Display
    • Multi Spectrums Display
    • Multi C78.377-2008 Display
    • Multi IEC-SDCM Display
    • Multi GPS Map Display
    • CRI as radar or bar chart
    • TM-30-15 Diagram
    • Q1~ Q15
  • Language
    • English
    • German
    • Chinese
  • Rel.intensity over wavelength (color spectrum)
  • Filter funktion: Max/Min - values
  • Graphical compare of measurement curves
  • Normalization of the measured values??
  • Change the line color by using the colour palette generator
  • Print Report with Company's Logo
  • Evaluation of unlimited records simultaneously
  • Export to CSV file for further processing, for example, in Excel
  • Save the chart as picture
  • Update - Check the software version and download the newest version
  • Language can be chanced during analysis
  • Coordinate display
  • Zoom view (higher definition)
  • Add the benchmark light source to compare with the measurement data
  • Select CCT Line: Control the display of the Planckian Locus and the Isotemperature Line
  • Set the color for coordinate point of CIE chart and the color line of spectrum chart

System requirements:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

The standard version with limited functions you will find here:  "Asensetek Spectrum Genius Standard"

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