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TCI Maxi Jolly Midnight LED driver; dimmable TCI 122416 50 watt, with a dusk sensor... more

TCI Maxi Jolly Midnight LED driver; dimmable

TCI 122416 50 watt, with a dusk sensor programmable brightness levels can be switched.

The manufacturer TCI brings with the Maxi Jolly Midnight an "intelligent" LED converter on the market.

This recognizes by itself when the night setback is required. The duration of night setback is programmable.

Max. Power out 50W. Constant voltage, constant current are adjustable via dip-switch.
Flicker ( Output Ripple ) <= 3%
Conformal Coating

Multicurrent-multivoltage converter- universally applicable.

External temperature sensor optional.

The Maxi Jolly Midnight is also available on request in the standard version 122416 and in the version 122408CC.

MAxi Jolly Midnight functionsTCI certificates SELV

Dip-SW Power out Voltage out Current out # LED
Position 1 25 W 74 V max. 350mA const. max 20
Position 2 35 W 72 V max. 500mA const. max 20
Position 3 39 W 72 V max. 550mA const. max 20
Position 4 46 W 72 V max. 650mA const. max 20
Position 5 50 W 71 V max. 700mA const. max 18
Position 6 50 W 66 V max. 750mA const. max 17
Position 7 50 W 58 V max. 850mA const. max 16
Position 8 50 W 55 V max. 900mA const. max 16
Position 9 50 W 48 V max. 1,05 A const. max 14
Position 10 50 W 48V constant voltage

Efficiency depending of the power: 20W - 50W : 84%  - 91%

LED driver IP20TCI Safety Protection

All TCI Jolly converter can be connected to each other via sync-cable. Thus, the control over only one button is possible.
Maximum 10 drivers synchronization, is possible command only one driver (1 Master + 9 Slaves).
Button and installation materials are not included in delivery.

For detailed description please refer to the data sheet.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Konstantspannung: 48V
Konstantstrom: 0,35A, 0,5A, 0,55A, 0,65A, 0,7A, 0,75A, 0,85A, 0,9A, 1,05A
Leistungsbereich: 20 - 50 W
Dimmbarkeit/Steuerung: Nachtabsenkung
Datasheet Maxi Jolly Midnight
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