DALI Button Switch Cross Multi

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DALI Button Switch Cross Control module for DALI circuits with four freely programmable... more

DALI Button Switch Cross

Control module for DALI circuits with four freely programmable buttons. The DALI Switch Cross is a DALI control module which is connected to the DALI bus. Each button of the DALI Switch can be configured with address, button behavior and DALI commands.
The following DALI commands are available: dim up, dim down, off, recall min., recall max., goto scene 1-16, direct arcpower ...%, mask and predefined macros. With memory function.

Product features / functions

  • Simple addressing and physical assignment with the DALI Cockpit software
  • Factory setting (preset 1) can be restored at any time using the DALI cockpit
  • Preset 2 for colour temperature control quickly configurable via DALI cockpit
  • Individual configuration using the DALI-Cockpit software tool
  • Command selection from the DALI command set, predefined and custom macros
  • Predefined macros for dynamic and sequential scene calls, colour temperature control and memory function
  • Adjustable behavior and delay on voltage return (no change, OFF, scene 0-15)
  • Operating modes to connect the switch to a central control

Technical control

  • Colours: white(RAL9010/RAL9016) / black
  • Supply: DALI-Bus
  • Typ. current cumsumption: 1.5 mA
  • Output: DALI
  • Function: programmable
  • Dimensions: 82x82x8,5 mm
  • Temperature: 0 °C - +50 °C
  • Protection: IP20
  • Connecting wire cross section : up to 2.5 mm2
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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI2
Data sheet DALI Switch
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