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Casambi Module SKII Casing with Classic Software 2-Channel TW 800668

Product information "Casambi Module SKII Casing with Classic Software 2-Channel TW 800668"

Casambi Dimmer Radio Unit Class II with Classic Software - Dimming with easy through Casambi App

Compact controller to integrate a DALI-compatible LED driver in your lighting unit.

The well-proven Classic variant of these Casambi radio modules allow for the usual effortless operation and are real bargain buys!

Control a lamp via smartphone with Casambi App for the Casambi Dimmer Unit...
... to create a perfect lighting control system

Through a 2,4Ghz radio Connection and appropriate App you can dim your Smart Device lamps, switch
individual lights on and off, create light scenes and a desired mood in your own 4 walls.

Available in 4 different versions:

  • 1 Channel (sent via DALI-Broadcast)
  • 2 Channel (sent to DALI addresses*: 0, 1)
  • 3 Channel RGB (sent to DALI addresses*: 0, 1, 2)
  • 4 Channel RGBW (sent to DALI addresses*: 0, 1, 2, 3)

(* DALI addresses of devices has to be programmed regarding this)

Another Casambi highlight:

Even with your conventional light switch you can dim and switch your lights.

Conceived as backup when the phone is straight not with, or as a simple alternative, if cables for DALI
are missing and you still want to dim. So you can easily adjust with Casambi reduce lights.

Casambi Bluetooth Unit dim with the light switch

1. Switch on illumination with a usually switch.
2. Short off and on again withing 1 second. The illumination slowly dims up.
3. Another short off and on again at the desired dimming level. The current dimming value is stored.
4. If the second off / on is not switched between 8 seconds, will the illumination dim up to 100%.

All products by Casambi family have following features:

  • Creates automatically a wireless Mesh-Network with other Casambi products.
  • Wireless control using the free Casambi App for smartphones and tablets.
  • Integrate the use of regular wall switches for dimming and scene control.
  • Support for external on / off motion sensors.

Compatible devices and minimum requirements for Casambi App:

Android iOS 
min. Android 4.4 KitKatfrom iPhone 4S
recommended: Android 5.0 Lollipopfrom iPad 3
or current Android versions from iPod 5

These functions does the free Casambi App:

  • Dimming of single or multiple lights with simple touch gestures.
  • Controlling the lighting of your stores, offices, or personal spaces.
  • Installation of single or complex scenarios with one or more lightings.  
  • Define the security of the network. There are four different levels of security for access control.
  • Also support Philips HUE.

Casambi App free download:

QR Code Casambi App in AppstoreCasambi App in Appstore
QR Code Casambi App for AndroidCasambi App for Android


Specifications of Casambi CBU ASD Radio Unit:

 Input voltage 220-240VAC (50Hz)
 Max. input voltage 1.2A
 Standby power 220-240VAC (50Hz)
 DALI Output 
 Bus voltage 12VDC
 Radio transceiver 
 Frequency range 2,4-2,483 GHz
 Max. output power +4 dBm
 Mechanical data 
 Dimensions 56.5 x 35.8 x 22.3 mm
 Weight 48g
 Protection IP20
 Protection class Built-in class II

For more information please refer to the data sheet in the Download-Tab.

Properties "Casambi Module SKII Casing with Classic Software 2-Channel TW 800668"
·Color Temperature/Color: Tuneable White
·Dimmable/Control: BT4.0 (2,4 GHz), Casambi radio, DALI, DALI DT8
Manufacturer "Arditi GmbH Lighting Components"

Arditi GmbH is a subsidiary of the Italian Arditi Spa near Bergamo. The range is broadly diversified and includes switches, dimmers, sockets, bases, wires, transformers and accessory. In the meantime, Arditi has made a name in the sector of LED-technology. The company offers LED-modules in various forms, transformers and drivers, as well as LED-suppliers.

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