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Lunatone - Clever DALI solutions for conrolling your light

We offer a extensive product portfolio of Lunatone products:

  • Operating devices: The Lunatone DALI terminal devices convert the received DALI command into an electrical signal with which the luminaires can be controlled directly.
  • Interface modules: With the help of suitable interface converters, resources can also be taken into the environment without a DALI input. To configure a system it is often necessary to access it from a PLC or a PC.
  • Wireless DALI (wDALI): With the wireless connection of luminaires or control units to a DALI system, an installation-friendly or a later option for control and setup can be created.
  • Control and operating devices: Touch panels, touch screens or switches manufactured by Lunatone can be used to create atmospheric lighting scenes and spectacular colour gradients in a modern lighting system. The elegant versions of the control and operating devices allow perfect integration into your modern lighting management system with up to 128 DALI devices.

ONLY HERE: Lunatone DALI product overview on a PDF page for download.

Why should you choose a Lunatone product:

  • Innovative technology: Lunatone offers innovative LED lighting technology that provides energy efficiency and long life.
  • High quality: All products are carefully tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.
  • Flexibility: Lunatone's products are flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of applications, including lighting for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Intelligent control system: Lunatone offers intelligent control systems that allow users to control and automate lighting in their buildings.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lunatone's LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as it uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional lighting.
  • Lunatone's products are used for a wide variety of applications, including lighting for homes, offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, industrial and sports venues.


The components of Lunatone have an overvoltage protection up to 300VAC at the DALI input in order to avoid a failure of the whole system due to fault voltages at the device. In addition to galvanic isolation from the bus system, the products can shine with very precise signal levels and Timings.

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