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Electronic LED ballast and what we mean by it

A ballast is generally understood to be an operating unit that is connected upstream of another module (e.g. LED module or fluorescent tube). Without further specification of the function. These differ among other things in

LED control gear as Conventional Ballast:

Conventional ballast equipped with reactors, transformers, etc. Often known in connection with operation of fluorescent lamps. High losses.

LED control gear as Electronic Ballast:

Electronic ballast, does not require heavy chokes. The input voltage is rectified and converted back into AC voltage of higher frequency. This can then be transmitted with small transformers and low loss. Low-loss control of the output variables is also possible via the clocking ratio (PWM).
Disadvantage: Conventional ECGs usually require a minimum load at the output and are the reason why, when converting to e.g. LED lamps, these suddenly no longer work and then have to be replaced by a special LED ECG, often known as an LED driver or LED transformer.

Ballast or control gear for LED:
Are therefore LED power supplies that are connected upstream of an LED module. The term does not explain whether this is a constant voltage source (for e.g. LED strips), or a constant current source for direct operation of LEDs or LED boards.

This product category does not distinguish between the different types, but represented all devices that deserve the name LED ballast or electronic ballast.

However, the following tabular link overview helps to make the desired preselection via the stored filter functions, or allows a refinement/adjustment of the selected filter (e.g. power range, dimming technology, etc.).

LED ECG as constant voltage source/ DC power supply/ transformer with DC output

for operation of

LED ECG as constant current source/driver

with constant currents of

  •     350mA for e.g. LED spotlights/ceiling recessed spotlights
  •     700mA for LED spotlights/ceiling recessed spotlights
  •     1050mA for e.g. LED louvre lamps/LED panels
  •     With DALI input
  •     With 0/1 - 10V control input
  •     Dimmable via phase cut-off/triac dimming
  •     Flicker free for Dim2Warm by AM dimming/linear Control



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