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LED panels or LED ceiling grid lights universal and popular.

What characterizes LED grid lights?

Dimensions and use:

Due to the standardised dimensions, the LED grid lights offered by us can be easily integrated into many system ceilings. This does not only apply to the new construction of system ceilings. Existing old grid lights can also be easily replaced with our LED grid lights.
Using the mounting frame offered by us, our grid recessed luminaires can even be installed without a system ceiling. Thus, everyone can take advantage of the benefits of our LED grid lights for themselves.

Mostly suspended ceilings are used as system ceilings. The common grid formats are often 600mm x 600mm or 620mm x 620mm (known for Odenwald ceilings). Alternatively and for special applications there are special shapes of e. g. 300mm x 1200mm.

Exhibition halls or warehouses often contain pure concrete ceilings.There the LED panels can be mounted directly under the ceiling using a mounting frame, or they can be suspended as shown in the picture.

Lighting effect of LED panels / LED grid recessed lights:

The special feature of LED grid recessed luminaires lies in the large-area light emission. This means that a lot of light is radiated into the room over a large area. Different from spots. Accordingly, the luminance is low. It is easily possible to look directly into the luminaire without being dazzled.

This and in conjunction with a special structure of the glass pane allows excellent UGR values (glare values), which is ideal for use in combination with display screen workstations in offices. Conventional recessed grid lights with fluorescent tubes attempted to achieve glare-free light with louvres and reflectors. LED panels achieve a broad distribution of light through lateral infeed and sophisticated optics thanks to multi-layered panes and precisely calculated impurities for homogeneous light emission.

This glare-free and the demand for a uniformly bright surface characterizes high-quality LED ceiling grid light / LED panels. Cheap solutions often show here different luminance values distributed over the exit surface.

Light quality:

This refers to the spectral composition of the light, which means that the image of the illuminated objects is as true to colour as possible. Characterized usually by the colour rendering index CRI.
A high CRI is particularly relevant as shop lighting, whereas this is often irrelevant in a storage room.

In addition to the CRI, there is also the choice according to colour temperature. 3000K is considered warm white and is more intended for residential applications. The higher colour temperature of 4000K ensures more vigilance and is therefore only used in offices and warehouses.

Control / Dimming:

For most of the LED luminaires we sell, including these panels, we have a large range of suitable control gear. The operating current of the lights is usually about 1000 mA and is provided by constant current sources. We offer these ballasts in different dimmable versions. You will find solutions for phase dimmers, 1-10V, DALI control, as well as touch dimming and on request we also advise you for controls via radio (e.g. Casambi Bluetooth).

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