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In compare GU10 spot to halogen as well as incandescent light

Lamp typeLuminous efficiencyLifetime
Light bulb10 lm/Wca. 1000 h
Halogen lamp15 - 25 lm/Wca. 2000 h
LED spot 230V60 - 100 lm/Wca. 25000 h

This table above clearly shows that an exchange of halogen to LED makes perfect sense. Even at low
burn durations, payback occurs within one year of implementation.For use in hotels having high burning times the costs are usually saved after 2-3 months.

LED spots MR16 and the topic with dimming

While halogen bulbs could be dimmed easily, it is only possible with LED spots and other LED lamps,
which are explicit marked accordingly as "dimmable". With low voltage care must be taken to ensure if the
transformer is also dimmable. If you ignore it, so there may be flickering at LED spots and both of them
could be destroyed.

The socket types GU10

While MR16 describes the design with a diameter of 50mm, these differ even in the connector base
and thereby also in the operating voltage. For direct connection to 230V, the base type GU10 is used  (see. GU5.3)Sockeltyp GU10 This socket follows the bayonet principle. The e. g. LED spot MR16 type GU10 is pressed into the socket and turned afterwards. An exchange is usually not a problem. GU10 is recognizable by 10mm contact distance.

Most application of the LED spot GU10:

Hotels, restaurants, offices and meeting rooms. Actually everywhere where previously MR16 halogen lamps
are used. There is no more reason to wait for.

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