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Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Since sunlight is crucial for health and well-being and also has a positive effect on human performance, artificial lighting solutions should correspond as closely as possible to the sunlight characteristics.
With regard to its spectral quality and the constant change in colour temperature, natural daylight is simulated, which has a noticeably positive effect on people's "internal clocks".
Therefore, only the award-winning PI-LED technology is used for the KITEO lighting solutions.

Numerours studies clearly show: Light has a perceptible effect on a human beings vitality and health.

  • +19,4 % performance increase
  • +26,7 % stable health
  • +28,4 % more vitality
  • +36,8 % improved concentration

What is PI-LED?

KITEO luminaires are based on the patented PI-LED technology which combines tuneable white light and RGB colours in a single light source
This makes it possible to readjust the dawn from daylight blue to evening red.
This technology is based on the three channels red, blue and mint, which are controlled individually and are optimally matched in terms of temperature and intensity.

PI-LED Overview:

  • Colour temperature along the Planckian curve
  • Colour temperature 1.800K to 16.000K
  • Custom control of all the RGB colours within the PI-LED colour space
  • Wide spectrum with colour rendition CRI>90
  • Constantly high energy efficiency from warm white to cold white
  • 100% calibration and temperature compensated for smallest colour tolerences (MacAdams typ.1)
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