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Light is not only the basis of our life, it also ensures that plants develop. In general, it improves the quality of life of all living things. Because we collect a lot of our information about our eyesight, good lighting is almost essential for survival. It gives us security and well-being and also helps against fatigue. New results in the research of biologically effective lighting lead to interesting effects and can also be implemented at low cost thanks to LED lighting technology.

Due to the EU-wide ban on conventional incandescent lamps but also due to the increasing interest of the population in energy saving methods, which are reflected in their own costs and environment, a decisive change in the direction of LED technology has taken place in recent years. But not only the saving of costs is a big advantage of LED technology, but also the shock resistance, low heat development and no infrared component.

All of this convinced the population to invest in innovative LED technology.

Measurement technology faces new challenges

Measuring lighting technology used to be much easier. Illuminance and luminance was all you needed. With LEDs it is different. Thanks to the innovative technology, spectrum, colour location, colour temperature, colour rendering and flicker must also be taken into account.

GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH offers a complete range of illuminance and luminance measuring devices as well as a spectrometer. As a calibration laboratory, GOSSEN also creates factory calibration certificates for illuminance and luminance or DAkkS calibration certificates for illuminance.
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