Luminance meter MAVO MONITOR USB by GOSSEN

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Reach the top, with the MAVO MONITOR USB luminance meter by GOSSEN You can finally... more

Reach the top, with the MAVO MONITOR USB luminance meter by GOSSEN

You can finally conveniently evaluate your measurements on your PC, with a handy and extremely finess luminance meter. The moveable measuring head, which is on the actual measuring unit of the Mavo Monitor USB, allows comfortable measurements without any efforts.
This high-precision luminance meter is classified in class B, in accordance with DIN 5032-7, DIN EN 13032-1 appendix B and CIE 69 for attachment measurements. The effect of brightness of a luminous surface is measured in candela per square meter (cd/m²) or foot-lambert (fL).
The perfect matching to the spectral light sensation of the human eye V(λ), is - with a minimum deviation of f1’ < 3 % - classified much higher than the claim of the norm.

When pushing the HOLD-button, the value is saved and the integrated display light is turned on, which facilitates the reading in many places and especially in dark surroundings.
The measure is protected of laterally incoming light by the included adapter disc. This is why problems in reading won't emerge and the coating prevents it from scratches on the luminous or back-lighted surface.
The luminance with the following criteria can be measured through monitors in industry, craft and service:

  • Light boxes
  • Illuminated advertisings
  • Construction type
  • Ground glass
  • Traffic signs
  • TV-Screens
  • Light panels

Calibration - Is it necessary and how?

For special audits about the compliance of work-, safety-, or quality protection provisions, for monitor-based workplaces or in medical establishments, a recurring calibration is proven through a works calibrication certificate.

The manufacturer GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH recommends, depending on the operating conditions of the device, an calibration interval of 12 to 24 months. The factory certificate - H997B is available on request.


  • Computerised measurement – The continuous operation of the measure is assured through an USB interface. The measure control, as well as the registration, presentation and storage of the measured values happens with the supplied software GLUX 2.
  • V(λ) adjustment – The spectral sensitivity of the silicon-photodiode is color-corrected and corresponds with the spectral light sensation of the human eye V(λ).
  • Comfortable everyday use – Easy operation, easily legible display, compact construction form, protected transport in a high quality aluminium suitcase.
  • Top precision – Classified measurement of the luminance in cd/m² or fL, class B, in accordance to DIN 5032-7, DIN EN 13032-1 appendix B and CIE 69.
  • Large measuring range – High starting sensitivity and resolution of 0,01 cd/m² resp. 0,001 fL to 19990 cd/m² resp. 1999 fL.
  • Permanent storage – 100 measured values can be saved, retrieved or transferred to a computer via USB-interface. Even middle luminances are calculabe by this.
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