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What are LED lamps anyway?

LED lamps are particularly energy-efficient light sources that generate almost loss-free light by means of light emitting diodes (LED). In order to be used for everyday purposes, the actual illuminant is offered in a lamp with a commercially available socket and base, for example E 27, but can also be obtained in many other designs and dimensions. This solution is called LED Retrofit. (fit for old/retro design)

Efficiency of LED light bulbs

Regardless of their design, LED lamps generally convert a significantly higher proportion of the electrical energy supplied into light than incandescent lamps otherwise known with this socket, because current flows through a live filament in these lamps. This alone produces a not inconsiderable power loss due to heat radiation.
This can be felt immediately when you touch an incandescent lamp and an LED lamp. With the former you will burn your fingers after a short period of operation, but not with the second one.

It is therefore advisable, also from the point of view of energy saving, to replace cheap but loss-making incandescent lamps with this energy-saving and energy-efficient light source and thus achieve significant savings in consumption and energy costs. Ultimately, they also protect your wallet and the environment.
To the term "LED light bulb" is to be said that this term is no longer suitable for a long time. With LED lamps hopefully nothing glows more. Also the term LED bulb is owed to the history.

LED lamps please cozy

The standard white light of the LED is obtained from a blue emitting diode with yellow converter material. Other light colors (red, green, yellow) require different LED chips. New technologies now allow almost every light impression (light color, color temperature) to be generated. Like ultra-warm white like a candle, or 2700K (warm white) like the usual 40W incandescent lamp, or even 4000K for perfect office lighting.

E27 LED for 230V

In the E27 socket version, a special power supply is integrated in the housing of the LED lamps in addition to the actual light source, the LEDs, as light emitting diodes cannot be operated directly on the 230 V mains.
The constant current required for the operation of the light source is produced in our high-quality lamps by means of electronic switching power supply, in the more cost-effective types by a capacitor power supply. The high-quality components contribute to increasing the service life of the lamp. The components (in particular the capacitors of this electronic power supply integrated in the socket) mainly determine the service life. Cheap LED lamp manufacturers like to save here, which then leads to a premature failure.

Why buy LED bulbs?

The main reasons for using E27 LED lamps are therefore their significantly better luminous efficacy, longer service life and much lower power dissipation, i. e. better energy yield.
Due to the small dimensions of the core elements, the LED itself, LED lamps are offered and used in a wide variety of designs.

In the design with E27 socket, the LED lamps are particularly well suited for the replacement of standard lamps and the use for general lighting.
Numerous manufacturers offer a wide variety of designs and variants. Depending on the intended use, you will find on our site the right solution, tailored to your needs and requirements.

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