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Overview Enocean DALI Controller System from the company Deuta Controls

These systems provide a link between Enocean radio and DALI. In one direction, this controller acts as a receiver for the signals of the Enocean sensors, and on the DALI side represents a complete DALI controller with integrated DALI power supply.

For example, without additional DALI bus wiring from the switching unit to the lighting unit via EnOcean radio and gateway with DALI output can be dimmed or controlled.

Deuta Controls offers the solution for existing buildings when converting to DALI lighting systems.

Surface-mounted / flush-mounted / light rail, etc. Which device for which application?

Overview of the products from Deuta Controls

surface-mountedlight rail/ERCOlight rail/EUTRACInstallation/ECG
  Enocean DALI Controller Deuta Controls Controller Deuta Aufput controller Enocean DALI Controller für Erco Lichtschiene  Deuta Controls für Eutrac DALI EVG
Broadcast BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11042
BL-201-09-868 AP BROADCAST
max. 17 Slaves
# 11103
Two groupsBL-201-01-868 UP 2xGRP
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 10945
a.A. a.A. a.A.
3 x groupse, 1 x Scenea.A.a.A. BL-201-05-868 ERCO 3xGRP 1x SCENE
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11205
RGBBL-201-03-868 UP RGB
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11064
a.A.   a.A.
Device Type 8/Colour Control
BL-201-02-868 UP RGBW
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 10985
a.A. a.A. a.A.
(a PC Software is always required!)
BL-201-10-868 UP FLEX
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11214
BL-201-13-868 AP FLEX
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11237
BL-201-17-868 AP FLEX DALI-PS
max. 64 DALI Slaves
# 11303
BL-201-12-868 ERCO FLEX
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11236
BL-201-18-868 EUTRAC FLEX
max. 17 DALI Slaves
# 11339
BL-202-10-868 EVG FLEX
max. 15 DALI Slaves
# 11329


Video for the startup of the Enocean-DALI Controllers

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