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Application areas of 12V LED transformers

A 12V LED transformer provides a convenient and safe way to supply your LED lights with the correct voltage. They are an efficient and cost-effective solution for connecting your LEDs and protect them from overloads and surges. They are easy to install and since they require no maintenance, you can be sure that your lights will work properly for a long period of time.

These 12V DC power supplies are mainly used for LED strips/LED light strips or LED modules with 12V constant voltage input (12V DC).

But also many PWM dimming actuators, which are connected between the 12V LED strip and the 12V power supply, are designed for this purpose.

The following interrelationships must be taken into account:

  • The selection of the transformer power is calculated from maximum current multiplied by 12 volts. A small reserve (5-10%) is often included.
  • Because of the usually higher currents at 12 V than at higher voltages (24V/36V/48V), the voltage losses on the lines and on the LED strip must be taken into account.
  • Dimming can be realized depending on the version either via an available dimming input (DALI, 1-10V), Casambi Bluetooth radio, or phase cut-off dimming.

    Alternatively, an LED PWM dimmer can be connected between the transformer and the LED module.
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