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Why KNX ?

The number of bus systems on the market is diverse and they certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, but no bus system is supported by as many manufacturers as the Meanwell KNX system.

  • All well-known brands in the industry support and promote the KNX system.
  • KNX has been specially developed for electrical installation
  • Over 7035 KNX certified product groups are currently available
  • KNX is standard in Europe, China and the USA (ANSI/ASHRAE135)
  • CENELEC (EN 50090), CEN (EN 13321-1), ISO/ IEC (ISO/IEC 14543-3), GB/T (GB/T 20965) US 


Departure - the KNX bus

There is hardly any other bus system that supports as many manufacturers as the KNX bus. Das KNX-Netzteil benötigt eine Spannungsversorgung von 24V Nennspannung. With KNX TP, these are routed on a two-wire cable..
The KNX power supplies feed in slightly more than the nominal voltage in order to minimize or even prevent power losses. The bus couplers work without any problems up to the lowest voltage of 21V.
The CSMA / CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance) access method prevents data loss during collisions.
The KNX power supply follows the standards DIN EN 50090, EN 13321-1 / 2 and ISO / IEC 14543-3.

Advantages of KNX

It used to be very time-consuming to find a system for the entire control due to the different electrical cabling. Therefore, the KNX power supply offers a manufacturer-friendly installation form for arbitrary communication between various forms of control.
This enables a system that is relatively easy to integrate, even in highly complex buildings.

  • Energy saving and thus reduction of operating costs
  • Comfort gain
  • Facilitation in old age
  • Future-proof and flexible installation
  • Safety (presence simulation, alarm on attempted break-in, defrost alarm of freezer, panic button with message via telephone, etc.)
  • Value of the real estate increases for rental or sale

For a KNX system, a KNX power supply is required and this can not be replaced by a conventional power supply.

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