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How DALI lighting control works?

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a standardized protocol for the digital control of luminaires and lamps. With DALI, a group of up to 64 luminaires can be controlled individually.

The DALI protocol consists of a central control unit (DALI controller) and several luminaires or lamps (DALI devices). Each DALI device has a unique address that can be configured via the DALI controller. The DALI controller can then send commands to each individual DALI device to switch it on or off, adjust the brightness or make other settings.

DALI luminaires and devices often have additional functions such as storing preset scenes, dimming to specific levels, and reporting information back to the DALI controller.

The DALI protocol also enables communication between DALI controllers and other control devices such as sensors or switches. This opens the possibility for intelligent lighting control systems based on motion detection, daylight conditions or other parameters.

In summary, DALI offers a flexible and reliable way to control and adjust lighting systems to ensure optimal lighting, save energy and improve user experience.

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