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Meanwell "indestructible"

Meanwell is a certified manufacturer: SVHC/REACH, RoHS/PFOS, Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free

Mean Well supplies electronic operating equipment such as LED transformers, power supply units for LED lighting applications and much more from Taiwan.
The manufacturer advertises a long service life, which, depending on the product family, is backed by a manufacturer's warranty of up to 7 years.

Mean Well has been on the market since 1982 and has an extensive range of electronic control gear and switching power supplies. Reliability at an affordable price is the recipe for success of the manufacturer, which operates factories in Taiwan and China. The areas of application range from power supply units for computers to industrial automation and telecommunications and now also for LED technology.

Our selection is limited to selected and proven Mean Well devices for LED luminaires and luminaire Systems.

Areas of application for Mean Well devices::

  • As LED transformer, LED power supply for operating 12V LED lamps such as GU5. 3 or GU4
  • As ballasts in LED street lights
  • Mean Well power supplies popular with LED floodlights
  • As LED driver in LED bands in general
  • Particularly popular as control gear for LED strips
  • a.m.m

Summary of the most proven product families: (HLG, ELG, PWM)

The robust HLG series - the one with the longest manufacturer's guarantee
All Meanwell HLG are available in an IP65 protected metal housing.
External inputs for PWM or 1-10V available. (Type B)
Protected rotary regulators can be used to set the current limit (constant current operation) or constant voltage depending on the device type on the Meanwell HLG. (For details see the respective data sheet)
Use in robust LED lights
High efficiency of the Meanwell HLG up to 94% (depending on the operating state)
Surge resistance of 4 kV
7-year manufacturer's guarantee

The ELG series is the cheaper alternative to the HLG series

The special -> Also available as a DALI version.
High-quality! Meanwell gives a five-year manufacturer's warranty on the ELG series. The products have a stable metal housing with protection class IP65 or IP67 (depending on the type).
Operation in the outdoor area is possible at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

The PWM series is particularly suitable for LED strips

Also available alternatively with DALI interface. Since it is very different from the ELG and HLG, it is not dimmed via the constant current control, but the output delivers a PWM signal directly. In this way, LED strips can be dimmed down to a few percent.

The PWM power supplies are offered in a power class from 40W to 120W. These are also of high quality! Meanwell gives a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on the PWM series.
The products have a stable, fully insulated plastic housing with IP67 protection class.

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