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Here is a brief overview of the types of lighting:

  • General lighting for general room brightness
  • Zone lighting for targeted lighting e.g. of the desk
  • Accent lighting for the decorative lighting of the room

The most important thing here is that there is enough light at every place for the activities performed there, so that the eyes do not get fatigue.

A few hints for the selection of LED interior lights:

  • Warm-white LED lamps provide a pleasant lighting atmosphere and are used wherever cosiness is the main focus. Therefore it is the ideal colour temperature for living rooms, bedrooms and other quiet areas.
  • A colour rendering index of at least Ra 80 must be observed. The lower the value, the less effective the colours are, which has a negative effect on the food at the dining table or on the clothes in the bedroom.
  • LED lamps with a universal white colour temperature are most suitable for desk luminaires, as they create a factual light that can lead to better concentration. These light sources are also a good choice in the bathroom.


Overview of the different interior lights that you can get from us at LEDclusive.de:

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