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Illuxtron International and Bartenbach  GmbH together "Best in Light"

Illuxtron International from the Netherlands and the Austrian company Bartenbach have joined together in 2015 to develop new products in the field of reflector technology. Both R & D departments contributed to the development of "Dark Light" reflectors for the mini downlights and Aviora panels.

Exceptional reflectors with micro facets

The reflectors developed in cooperation with Bartenbach ensure a very high reflection and light output. Instead of the usual facets, microfacets are installed. The luminaires project the maximum amount of light onto the work surface. All reflectors are also equipped with a front protection glass, which prevents deposits on the mirror surface and thus additional light losses.

Low glare values (UGR index) by avoiding stray light

Normally, the beam angle of a luminaire is half the highest lux value of the light beam (Full Width at Half Maximum, FWHM). This is usually accompanied by a lot of stray light outside the beam, which causes disturbing glare. For this reason, Bartenbach also works with bundle grades that are based on the height of the 10% lux value of half the half-width or (Full Width at Tenth Maximum, FWTM). This means that the standard bulb produces much more glare than the reflector light.

Perfect light colour through light mixing

The light from the four LEDs built into the reflector shell is mixed up to the limit value to produce a light beam without yellow spots. A noticeable advantage with the luminaire versions that use two warm white LEDs and two neutral white LEDs.

Made in Holland by Illuxtron (Video) 

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