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How do thermal imaging cameras work?

Thermal imaging cameras have sensors that measure infrared rays that are no longer perceived by the human eye. The stronger the intensity of the infrared radiation, the higher the surface temperature. On the screen, the measured values are displayed in colour, so that, for example, in building diagnostics, heat build-up or cold spots are recognizable at first glance.

What can a thermal imaging camera be used for?

The possibilities are diverse. Property owners, tenants, construction professionals, electricians, but also hunters, pet owners or biologists can benefit from thermographic images in their everyday lives. Here are some examples:

Track down energy losses: You want to know exactly where the draught comes from? Whether the windows seal properly? You want to check the insulation of the wall, floor or ceiling? An infrared camera will show you the potential savings or any construction defects immediately.

Testing electrical installations: Local overheating, such as in switch boxes or fuse systems, indicates errors during installation or in the material. Most of these cases are not visible to the naked eye, but clearly appear in the thermal image. This allows you to identify problems immediately and avoid consequential damage.

  • Find leaks:
    Whether in the floor heating system, in water pipes or in the district heating pipe: detect leaks quickly without having to rip open walls or floors.
  • Discover wild animals:
    In the twilight or night, hunters and nature observers with thermal imaging cameras gain a decisive advantage: they even show animals when they are still out of earshot.
  • Find pets:
    The dog got lost in the bushes during the evening walk? The cat is still in the garden and does not respond to you? Slip your smartphone with the camera attachment, and a glance tells you where your darling is.
  • Increase safety:
    If you suspect someone is sneaking around the house, the thermal image will provide you with certainty.

These examples show:

There are many reasons why an infrared camera pays off quickly - even for normal consumers.

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