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Smart LED spectrometer from Asensetek - unfortunately discontinued

Smartphone + spectrophotometer sensor (Lighting Passport) = Smartphone spectrophotometer.

Smartphone Spektrophotometer anschauliche Darstellung

That was the brilliant idea of ​​Aeron Wang, the founder of Asensetek from Taiwan.
High-quality hardware combined with powerful smartphones led to a very popular product: “LightingPassport”

These apps were developed to suit various applications and devices:

  • SGM/SGE for general phototechnical spectrophotometric measurements
  • SGAL - Plant exposure measurement with the spectrophotometer in photon current density, measure PAR values
  • SGS - Especially for the film industry with special evaluation of the TLCI
  • SGT - Quickly measure the light transmittance of e.g. PMMA panes depending on the wavelength

Beginning of the end

Now in 2019, Asensetek has been acquired by Allied-Scientific Pro in Canada. Asensetek became Asensetek Canada.
However, we regretfully discovered in 2021 that the cloud service (www.spectrumgenius.coom) was no longer available and these were the first signs of reduced service.
In the meantime, support is no longer available.
The apps are no longer available to download/install in the Appstore (IOS/Apple).
The same applies to us Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to accept orders for maintenance/recalibration.

Only the apps in the Playstore (Google) are still available. We have also secured the corresponding APKs locally.

Our recommendation:

The measuring devices can still be used extensively. However, this only applies to Android devices. The recommendation is to use a cheaper Android device (preferably Samsung) only for use with the Lighting Passport.

Both the Plus and the previous versions can be used as apps. However, the Plus versions attempt to connect to the cloud service. Since this no longer exists, a timeout (> 30 seconds) may have to be waited for.

Independently, the Lighting Passport Pro (Standard and Essence) can be controlled via the PC.
The software can now be downloaded here free of charge and without obligation:
Download Spectrum Genius PC

We deeply regret this development, as unfortunately there is currently no comparable solution for this product and concept at this attractive price.

For further orientation of similar products, we have created this overview page: www.led-spektrometer .de

We still have a few remaining stocks of accessories for the LP, which we still offer at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, please just click here.

Continue to have fun with light and light measurement,

your Tom Reichelt

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