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LED boards - what is that?

Light emitting diodes are attached on the boards.The shape of this board is completely different. It exists as a square matrix, band, bar, or cluster. There are also variations in voltage. There are both low voltage versions with 12 or 24V and high voltage versions with 230V.

A matter of voltage

The voltage you need depends entirely on your requirements. The advantage of the low-voltage versions is that they only run with half the current and therefore suit well in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, because the extra-low voltage is less dangerous. AIn addition, low-voltage versions can be used for longer distances.

Protection of the boards

Since the assembled boards are not insulated in their unprocessed state, neither against moisture, dust and water, it is recommended to use one of the following insulation options.
  • Impregnation with UV-curing varnish (moisture protection)
  • Shrink tubing (touch protection)
  • Potting (moisture and touch protection)

There are no limits to your imagination

In order to realize unique lighting concepts, LED boards offer you endless possibilities. The versatility of the light-emitting diodes is greater than that of any other light source. Have a look around in our online shop, we have a variety of quality products to choose from.
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