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Enocean radio as a solution in lighting installation

By using the piezo effect, wireless switches can communicate with radio receivers without batteries and maintenance-free.

According to IEC, 2012 EnOcean radio was defined as international standard (ISO / IEC 14543-3-10). In the EU the frequency is 868 MHz, internationally 315 MHz. Many manufacturers now develop their own radio solutions based on this standard. Thus radio communication across manufacturers is possible.

EnOcean wireless technology is increasingly popular in lighting applications. For example, it is possible to dim an illumination unit via Enocean radio or to switch it on and off.

Alternatively, sensors are available that are powered by a solar cells. Thus, Enocean is characterized by innovation.

The goal of the Enocean technology is the transmission of signals via radio and in particular without much energy. The laying of cables in buildings is unnecessary and is increasingly used in existing buildings as a long-awaited solution.

In particular, we also offer innovative solutions that connect Enocean radio with DALI via a controller / gateway.

Especially the Enocean DALI Controller from the company Deuta Controls are proven and widely used.

Further information about EnOcean can be found on the Enocean GmbH website.

EnOcean Alliance - the radio standard for sustainable buildings (German)

EnOcean Alliance Image-Video (German) - No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits.
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