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LEDclusive.de stands for LED-know-how with high quallity. In our shop you will only find products, which datasheets and hardware are critcally examined. We would like to dissociate ourselves from the large number of suppliers who offer products (retrofits, LED spotlights, LED tubes, etc. ) in their LED-shops, which often do not correspond to their technical specifications or are provided with arbitrary or insufficient information. Our quality seals also prove our seriousness to comly with the consumer rights line for LED retailers.

By the way - And our LED know-how is in demand

We have already been able to demonstrate our competence at several major events.

  •  2011 LED-Praxis-Forum in Würzburg: "Junctiontemperatur - Ways to determine"
  •  2011 University Kempten: "Incandescent lamp ban - Is LED the future?"
  •  2012 LED-Praxis-Forum in Würzburg: "LEDOTRON - smart dimming of LED lamps."
  •  2012 LED-Praxis-Forum io Würzburg: "PM and PEP using LED luminaire development as an example."
  •  2012 industrial presentation University Biberach: "LED-lighting - LED-technology presented."
  •  2014 Bavaria photonics Nürnberg: "Sustainability with LED luminaires."
  •  2014 LED Lighting Congress Munich: "Modern controls of LED luminaires."
  •  2015 LED-Praxis-Forum in Würzburg: "On the trail of light quality."
  •  etc.

The composition of our product portfolio in the LED shop is based on our experience as an LED consultant (www.ledlution.de).
Here we are in very close contact with our customers and know the problems of mostly cheaply purchased LED products, respectively know the technical challenges. Who buys cheap, will buy two times. But we build on sustainability.

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This means that constant current sources are to be understood above all, our LED drivers are used by renowned campanies in LED lights. By smiple programming vie DIP switches, currents from 350mA to over 1A can be set, depending on the version. Special versions in DALI or with 1-10V are increasingly being used for dimming LED drivers and thus LED luminaires.


For example, the necessary wireless transmission of DALI signals with EnOceans in existing buildings. You will now find the answers to these questions in the DALI Solutions category.


Our contacts with lighting planners quickly showed that the introduction of LED technology in particular has made lighting evaluation an incresingly important requirement. In particular, this involves the analysis of colour temperature, colour rendering index and, above all, a classification with regard to the colour location, such as the determination of the binning. An LED illuminant with CRI 80 and colour temperature 3000K can still visibly differ from one with the same values.

We need a portable, low-cost device. We are pleased to close this gap with the Lighting Passport from Asensetek.


It all started with LED lamps and dissatisfaction from the customer environment with poor light and high failure rates of cheaply purchased LED lamps.

Our attitude to the requirements right here are critical. For example, the lifetime promise of 50.000 hours, especially for LED retrofits, is hardly technically feasible or affordable.

Of course, a long service life is a selection criterion for us and so we orientate ourselves above all on products with a good heat and LED driver concept. These are the main prerequisites for a long service life.

Further information on our quality criteria and operating parameters of LED lamps can be found on our info pages.

Buying LED lamps is a matter of trust. Products of our supplier Fa. LEDON have already been successfully tested by the market surveillance.

The opinion and experience of our engineers count more than that of the businessman. You can be sure of that.

Competence is our strength

Our Code of Conduct - We agree with the ZVEI on this.

ZVEI code of conductWhen we heard about the Code of Conduct of the ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.) and its appeal to cmopanies to join it, we as LED retailers identified ourselves directly with it and followed this appeal.

LEDclusive.de hereby acknowledges the Code of Conduct of the ZVEI. Further information can be found here.
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