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Smart Spectrophotometer - more than just a CCT-Meter.

Smartphone + Spectrophotometer-Sensor (Lighting Passport) = Smartphone Spectrophotometer.

Target customer for Spectrometer

Whom helps the spectrometer? Additional value for:

LED Spectrometer sensor in application

  • Lighting designers:
    Serious appearance by professional light measurement. The quality of the recommended lighting, can be analyzed directly right on the spot with the LED spectrometer. Customer acknowledges not just fine words, but also the evidence.
  • Luminaire manufacturers:
    Verification of goods receipt and goods issue, to make spot checks. Shorten development time, as long Labor paths can be reduced.
  • Greenhouse operators:
    The lighting has a positive effect on plant growth? Verification of the correct light spectrum. Important Measurement: PPFD
  • Photographers and film industry
    Light analysis before a photo shoot. (eg color temperature, TLCI) determination of the correction values after TLCI 2012 
  • Bau-Biologists:
    Changing effects of light on human beings by LED lighting. (Course measurement of color temperature). Review implies full-spectrum example by Gamut Area Index (GAI) 
  • and many more.



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