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SSL SRM Spectroradiometer Software

Product information "SSL SRM Spectroradiometer Software"

SSL SRM Spectroradiometer PC Software

Expand the possibilities of the SSL Spektri 80 for displaying and evaluating light spectra on the notebook or PC with the SSL SRM software for Windows Systems.  With the SSL SRM operating software you can create and evaluate professional measurement reports of the Spektri 80 light meters.

For the versions Horti, Irradiance, Colorlux and Luminance the PC software can be purchased additionally.
SSL SRM is already included in the Advanced version.

The operating software provides, among other things, the possibility to measure TM30 and to display different result screens by selecting different TABs.

  • Single measurement spectrum - shows the spectrum and some wavelengths
  • Single measurement CIE 1976 u 'v
  • CIE 1931 xy
  • individual measurement PPFD - for horticultural parameters
  • Single measurement BLH - parameters of Blue Light Hazard measurements
  • Colour rendering CRI
  • TM30 Rf
  • colour rendering TM30 colour vector: RF, Rg , CCT and Duv value
  • Logging mode: Here a measurement is repeated several times
  • Create and print reports (you can select which parameters should be printed)

You can find extensive information under Downloads in the manual and in the report.

Manufacturer "SSL Resource Oy"
Hersteller Lichtmesstechnik
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