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Video for LED light meter Lighting Passport

You do not know the functions of the Lighting Passport Spectrometer yet? Relax while watching  the video below, which shows you the operation and possibilities.

Target groups of our light measuring technology:

  • Light meters for lighting designers

    Due to our own practical experience in light measurement technology, physics, i. e. the light spectrum, can be better understood. Through the use of inexpensive light measuring devices, the lighting planner acquires increased professional competence and convinces during customer talks.
  • Luminaire developers

    Light measurement technology is indispensable for luminaire developers. At the latest for the release and production of product data sheets the verification by means of light measuring devices is necessary.
  • Purchaser of lamps

    Not everything that manufacturers write on their products is true by a long shot. Trust is good. Control before the purchase is better.
  • Final inspection production (Colour location, CCT)

    During the production of lamps and luminaires, random samples are at least always necessary, e. g. by means of a mobile light measuring device. In this way, deviations can be detected at an early stage that might otherwise be detected after the expensive installation at the customers premises.
  • Construction biologists (Flicker and full spectrum measurement)

    Construction biologists are interested in the "naturalness" of light. Accordingly, it is often compared with daylight when measuring the light spectrum. Today, mobile light measuring devices make it possible to compare two measured values and are therefore ideal for their application. Full Spectrum Measurement is possible via the GAI value, which uses whole color spaces for the calculation.
    In addition, the building biologist also pays attention to flicker in artificial light sources, which can be detected by pulse width modulation (PWM) in LED light sources. We offer corresponding flicker meter.
  • Greenhouse operator (photon flux with App SGAL)

    Many of the so-called plant lamps available on the market do not illiminate with the light spectrum needed for the plant. With the right app (Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting) and e. g. the Lighting Passport Essence, greenhouse operators can now finally check the spectrum for its effect. The display is direct µmol/sec m2 and can be compared with the respective reference spectrum (PAR spectrum).
  • Film industry and the use of light meters

    With the introduction of LED technology for filming, checking light quality has become more important than ever. With the TLCI-2012, the EBU announced a comprehensive lighting parameter that also meets all the measurement requirements of the film industry for Asenseteks Lighting Passport light meters with its own app (SGS-Spectrum Genius Studio).
  • and many more.

Verify technical lighting data with our mobile light measuring devices and ensure light and luminaire quality.

Convince the customer in the technical expertise and the probative value of a light spectrum measurement.

.Screenshot der Lichtmessgeräte

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