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 COB LED strips - Excellent lighting for any occasion

COB LED strips (Chips on Board LED) are a further development of conventional LED strips. In contrast to conventional LED strips, the LED chips in COB LED strips are applied directly to a carrier board. This results in high luminosity and uniform light distribution. The often unpleasant bright single light points are a thing of the past.
(For the freaks: Through this so-called area light source technology, the LED chips are applied to a mirrored metal substrate with a high degree of reflection and thus achieve a high efficiency).

Advantages and disadvantages of COB strip lighting

Compared with traditional LED strips, COB LED strips have the following advantages:However, there are also some disadvantages with COB LED strips that need to be considered:
  • High brightness: The dense arrangement of the LEDs on the carrier board creates a high luminosity.
  • Uniform light distribution: The LEDs are placed close together, resulting in uniform light distribution.
  • Small size: Due to the compact design, COB LED strips can be used in areas where conventional LED strips cannot be used due to their size.
  • Low power consumption: COB LED strips have lower power consumption compared to conventional LED strips.
  • Price: COB LED strips are usually more expensive than conventional LED strips due to their complex production.
  • Lower flexibility: COB LED strips are less flexible due to their design and cannot be easily bent or used in curved areas.
  • Heat generation: Due to the high luminosity, there may be increased heat generation, which should be taken into account.

COB Strip Applications

COB LED strips are used in many applications, for example in the illumination of shop windows, in the automotive industry, in building lighting and in consumer electronics, as well as cove lighting in living spaces.
While in these applications in particular a diffuse and also attenuating cover was often used in conjunction with an aluminum profile in order to achieve uniformity, this can be dispensed with in the case of COB strips. This results in higher efficiency (system luminous efficacy).

How can COB LED strips be separated?

To cut COB LED strips, you must make sure that you only cut them at the designated points (see imprint or manufacturer's data sheet), otherwise the LEDs may be damaged.
It is therefore advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use clean, sharp scissors or a sharp knife. Briefly check for short circuit with a multimeter if necessary.
Please be sure to remove any cutting burrs. Avoid short circuits during further processing, insulate if necessary.

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