5m LED strip COB 8W/m 12V/24V 320 LEDs/m

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Elegant COB LED bar 8 W / m - 5m length, good colour rendering This flexible "chip-on-board"... more

Elegant COB LED bar 8 W / m - 5m length, good colour rendering

This flexible "chip-on-board" LED band, which has SMD LEDs, can be easily implemented in a wide variety of indoor applications.In addition, there is a particularly wide beam angle of 180 °, which - paired with very good colour rendering (CRI> 90) - ensures optimum illumination. The fact that the LED tape is self-adhesive and can be separated between the individual units further emphasizes its versatility and flexibility.
The COB LED strips are available in versions with 12V and 24V constant voltage. In addition, there are versions with different colour temperatures in a range from 2200 K to 6500 K.

The innovative COB technology in LED strips

With the newly developed "Chip-On-Board" technology, a homogeneous beam quality can be achieved with LED strips, since the individual LED points are no longer visible. With a continuous light band, delicate, narrow lines of light can be created. This is not least due to an extremely densely populated LED strip (here: 320 LEDs / m). The use of COB LED strips as effect light or path and orientation lighting is particularly impressive.

Product overview / features:

  • 5 m flexible COB LED Strip with SMD-LED
  • With 15 cm connection cable
  • Self-adhesive (additional fixture is recommended
  • Divisible between units, with solder pads
  • Recommendation: Control the Ts-temperature at the solder point of an LED
  • Bending radius in places with components min. 50 mm; attach without pressure
  • Extensive illumination thanks to a large beam angle of 180 °
  • Densely mounted LED strip: 320 LEDs / m

Installation note:
It is advisable to attach the COB LED strips to a heat-conducting surface in order to achieve optimal cooling. When mounting on an electrically conductive material, care must be taken to insulate the connections.

Technical data: 

Art. no. for 12Vdc 808100 808101 808102 808103 808104
Type for 12Vdc OSC12-8-965 OSC12-8-940 OSC12-8-930 OSC12-8-927 OSC12-8-922
Art. no. for 24Vdc 808105 808106 808107 808108 808109
Type for 24Vdc OSC24-8-965 OSC24-8-940 OSC24-8-930 OSC24-8-927 OSC24-8-922
Power max. 8 W/m 
Luminous flux typ. 800 l/m 750 l/m 700 l/m 700 l/m 650 l/m
Colour temperature
6500 K 4000 K 3000 K 2700 K 2200 K
Variance of colour temperature ± 300 K ± 250 K ± 200 K ± 150 K ± 150 K
Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90
Viewing angle 180 °
Rated max temperature (tc)  60 °C
Number of LEDs 320 /m
Nominal input voltage 12 Vdc / 24 Vdc
Length of a unit  50 mm / 100mm
Max. length after feed-in 2,5 m / 5 m 
Dimensions 5000 x 8 x 1,6 mm

For more information, please refer to the data sheet in the Download tab.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 12V, 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
rated luminous flux lm/m: 501-1000 lm/m
Color Temperature/Color: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, >5000K
Amount LEDs/m: 320 LEDs/m
Power/Meter: < 10W/m
Data sheet COB LED-Strips
Strips with 8 W/m
LED Strips Instructions

General information on the use of LED tapes

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Customer evaluation for "5m LED strip COB 8W/m 12V/24V 320 LEDs/m"
18 Oct 2020

Die LED-Leiste COB 8W/m 12V/24V 5m hat eine sehr gute Qualität, läßt sich sehr gut verarbeiten und gibt ein sehr homogenes Licht ab.

6 Jul 2020

Besonders homogen

gute LED, sehr gute Beratung!
der Streifen verteilt das Licht gleichmäßig

13 Mar 2020

Great technology

finally for what I am already waiting for long time. not anymore these "hot spots" of lighting.

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