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LEDON and its strengths

LEDON Lamp GmbH has set itself the goal of developing and marketing only sustainable products with a long service life. Everything should also remain the same as with the old incandescent lamp in terms of light quality.

Accordingly, LEDON was an early pioneer with its LED lamps and had the first LED lamps on the market with a CRI of >90. This was achieved by an additional red or red magenta LED, which not only provides a warm colour tone, but also good colour rendering

A special feature of LED lamps with Sunset Dimming is that they even allow changing the colour temperature during dimming. So far, LEDON is the only company to offer this.

Another special feature of LEDON are the LED lamps with "Double Click". It does not need another dimmer. The existing switch is sufficient to switch with a double on / off to reduced brightness and thus power-saving. Also only from LEDON.

  • High reliability
  • Long liftime,
  • Perfect colour rendering,
  • With good luminous efficacy and
  • Attractive price

We are convinced that LEDON Lamp GmbH with its LED lamps has confronted its competitors with new challenges. Following the claim (LED + Exclusive = LEDclusive. de) we have not found any comparable good products so far. Put your trust in LEDON. You will be delighted.

LEDON sign of confidence: 5-year manufacturers warranty

LEDON guarantees its products with a five-year manufacturers warranty. This is a special feature and can only be allowed by a manufacturer who knows his products well and has developed them himself. Read the linked warranty conditions below and see for yourself.

Link to website: LEDON 5 years manufacturers warranty. Wait for what? Buy LEDON LED lamps now and save energy.

What characterizes the LEDON LED lamps?

  • The LED light sources are particularly suitable for living areas as well as for outdoor areas with a pleasant warm white colour.
  • Convincing colour rendering, as well as dimmable LED lamps - this is quality from LEDON.
  • Replace your conventional incandescent lamps with LED lamps now and benefit from energy savings, longevity and high quality.
  • LEDON attaches particular importance to the reproduction of the conventional light bulb, also with regard to its radiation characteristics. A special shape of the glass bulb makes it possible.
  • Special features are the "Sunset Dimming" version, which, similar to the incandescent lamp, adapts the colour temperature to the set brightness.
  • Search for Dual Color and you will find a colour temperature switchable lamp. Just as you need it. Neutral white is ideal for reading or waking up. Warm white with 2700K is suitable for the cosy atmosphere to watch TV.
  • Special cooling concepts of the electronics and selected components ensure a long service life. (See above 5 years manufacturers warranty)


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