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Easily install DALI signals via radio.

As a radio protocol, Enocean has proven itself as the standard. Now only suitable and intelligent components are needed as a interface between radio and DALI bus.

The goal of Enocean technology is the wireless transmission of signals, and in particular without much energy. The laying of cables in buildings is unnecessary and is increasingly used in existing buildings as a long-awaited solution. Especially the Enocean DALI Controller from the Deuta Controls are proven and widely used. This technology is therefore ideally suited for a DALI radio interface.

Further information about EnOcean can be found on the Enocean GmbH website.

Wireless DALI and Bluetooth from Lunatone

Wireless DALI (wDALI) enables the wireless connection of control units or lights to a DALI system. A wDALI unit consists of at least two components, one of which is connected to the DALI bus. The second component can be placed anywhere in the reception radius of the radio transmitter (approx. 20-50m). It is e.g. possible to control DALI components wirelessly with switches and remote controls, or to integrate lights without DALI wiring in a DALI system. wDALI thus offers a simple solution for expanding DALI installations. For control units, the assignment of transmitter to receiver can be set in the DALI Cockpit PC software, and several control units can also be assigned to one receiver. 


  • wDALI operating devices
  • wDALI ballasts
  • wDALI system expansion
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