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SSL Spektri 80 Lightmeter

Product information "SSL Spektri 80 Lightmeter"

SPEKTRI 80 - portable spectroradiometer

The SPEKTRI 80 products of the manufacturer SSL Resource includes portable light meters in currently five different versions for different applications for the measurement of photo- and radiometric data.

Depending on the version, different parameters such as illuminance, color rendering quality (Ra, Re, SDCM), color temperature CCT, CIE coordinates (x,y, u,v, u',v') but also flicker values according to IEEE1789, as well as PAR values(PFFD and many more can be measured.

Sensor and control unit are separated and communicate via Bluetooth to measure realistic values without external influence. The measurement data can also be transferred to a PC via USB port and evaluated by means of the additionally available software.

The SPEKTRI 80 light meters are each purchased with a Lenovo tablet as a set or can also be used with their own Android device (smartphone or tablet) and the associated app. If you would like to purchase a Spektri 80 without a tablet, please send us a request (small discount).
Only the version Advanced works only with connection to the PC without tablet or smartphone (here no Lenovo tablet included).

Overview of the different versions available

In addition to the SPEKTRI 80 Luminance, the Horti version for horticulture and agriculture, the Irradiance version for medical and dental applications, the Colorlux and the Advanced Edition are available.

Comparison of the versions and the respective measurable parameters

Product CodeS-80.PARS-80.EeS-80.ColorLuxS-80.LvS-80.Lab
Application AreasHorticulture,
General lightingDisplay,
measuring parameters
Illuminance Ev (lx)x xxx
Irradiance Eexxxxx
Radiance Le   xx
Luminance Lv (cd/m2)   xx
Flicker  x  
CCT, ccxy, ccu’v’ x xxx
SDCM  xxx
CRI/Ra  xxx
PARx x x
Battery operatedxxxx 
BT connectionxxxx 
USB data readout    x
Android Appxxxx 
PC Software (SSL SRM)optionaloptionaloptionaloptionalx
Export to Excelxxxxx

Note: The measurement of the parameter TM30 is currently only possible with the software with Costs (available on request).
From June 2023, a device version should be available that can also measure TM30.

For more information, please refer to the data sheets and other information you can find in the Downloads tab.


Unboxing SSL Spektri 80 Colorlux

The Spektri 80 Colorlux, a compact light spectrometer with equipment. We present the most important functions and technical details of the device, and do an unboxing. Video language is German, subtitles available.
Manufacturer "SSL Resource Oy"
Hersteller Lichtmesstechnik
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